The Derringer pistol has been around almost as long as the pistol itself.

Being one of the first truly concealable firearms, the Derringer is still considered by many to be the person protection handgun to bet your life on.

Midway USA’s Gun Stories has spotlighted the Derringer style pistol including our very own Bond Arms Derringer.

The fire breathing Bond Arms Derringer is a serious firearm for sure.

With 12 different models, 20 different barrels and 25 caliber combinations, the Bond Arms Derringer is a truly a modern life-saving piece of firearm technology with a classic and handsome style that made the Derringer pistol created by Henry Derringer so famous.

we hope you enjoyed this amazing clip from Midway USA’s Gun Stories, and enjoy the style, versatility, safety, power and fun of a Bond Arms Derringer for yourself.

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