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Since 1995

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The smallest, most powerful personal protection you can carry!

Patented interchangeable barrel system

Reliably crafted with quality materials

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How to Handle Squib Loads and Hangfires | The NRA

What happens when your handgun goes "...bang...sort of?"  When something didn't quite sound, or feel, right? If you hear a lighter-than-normal "bang," and/or feel lighter-than-normal recoil, it's possible th...

Review: Bond Arms Bullpup9 | Guns & Ammo Magazine

On the not-so-fun days, I sort of pine for the good old times of blued steel and walnut. Then there are the days when I see new and interesting stuff. The day I first shot Bond Arms’ new Bullpup9 was one of...

Ranger II with Holster
Review: Bond Arms Handguns | Cheaper Than Dirt

Granbury Texas is not one of the huge Meccas of the Lone Star state. However, one very notable business has made its home there—the now famous Bond Arms. A few years ago, I toured the factory and left so im...

BOND ARMS MAMA BEAR | Handguns Magazine

BETWEEN 1852 AND 1868, A PINT-SIZE percussion pistol, the Philadelphia Deringer, was produced by gunsmith Henry Deringer. Because Deringer failed to patent his design, copies flooded the market, including coun&sh...

Video Exclusive! Jeff Quinn tests the Bond A...

Video Exclusive! Jeff Quinn tests the Bond Arms “Old Glory” 45 Colt / 410 Shotshell pistol finished in Black/Stainless Cerakote, available EXCLUSIVELY from Davidson’s Gallery of Guns. Click Here...

Review: Bond Arms Bullpup 9 | Down Range TV

If you’ve been round the firearms business for a couple of decades you may remember the curious XR9-S pistol made by a company called Boberg Arms. The Boberg pistol was an attempt to make a small, compact 9...

Bond Arms Texas Defender Review | ReelCamoGirl

When you think of guns from the “Wild West”, a Derringer is always on the list. For such a simple gun, it has a huge presence. I was excited to see the changes from the antique Derringer “p...

TheFireArmGuy Does Some Backing Up With the ...

TheFireArmGuy Does Some Backing Up With the Bond Arms Backup.  Each time he hits the target with the backup he moves back 5 yards.  You won’t believe how far away he is hitting the target with a .45ACP 2.5&...


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Top 5 Safety Rules:
  1. Always keep the safety on until ready to fire.
  2. Treat all guns as always loaded.
  3. Never let the muzzle cover anything which you are not willing to destroy.
  4. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  5. Always be sure of your target.