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Price/Value Relationship

I purchased a Rough and Rowdy 45/410 pistol today. I was looking for what I consider a “pocket pistol”.  I bought the gun to keep in my pocket when I’m workin in the yard. I have four acres in Nowhereville, Louisiana and there is basically no crime around here whatsoever, but we all know the criminal element is never far away from you no matter where you live so you MUST be prepared to defend yourself. I have several other pistols that cost a lot more money, but I believe this will now be the most valuable gun that I own as it provides very practical concealment in my yard work shorts! No longer vulnerable while gardening!! The cost of the gun is wonderful and as far as I can tell…the quality for that sum is exceptional. I’m lookin forward to sendin a few 410 rounds through it this evening!



Talk About a Bang for your Buck!

I was looking into cary options for when I am on my trike. I feel I am very exposed when at a stop when I go out of the aea where I live to open spaces. There is a stretch of the road where I don't feel safe. I was carrying a .40 S&W and then a .380 S&W Bodyguard. I was not comfortable with those on my hip. I have a "bat wing" fairing with compartments and the Stinger Honey B fits perfectly and is easily accessible. 

I took the firearm to the range and put some rounds though it. Really impressed with the power and accuracy. Not much recoil at all. I did learn to aim a bit lower as the gun pulls up, but it was not a big challenge. I was hitting vitals consistently.  Bond Arms is the way to go for personal protection.

-Glenn N.

I am in Love

First, I would like to thank the men and women at Bond Arms for producing a first class firearm at a price that most anyone can afford. When I opened the box of my new Roughneck I could not believe this was a “budget” gun. Fit and finish on my gun is fantastic.  The reason I bought the Roughneck was to take with me fishing because I fish in some remote places and having a small, powerful, affordable gun to simply put in my pocket makes me feel better about encounters with coyotes, wild dogs, or mountain lions. So after unboxing the little beast I took it to the range and shot 150 rounds through it. I had no issue with the recoil, it kicks, but not as bad as I would have thought. I have never had a single malfunction with this gun, and it shot well out to 21 feet just like the manual suggests. I do recommend reading the manual. I would have thought the trigger pull heavy if I had not read the manual first (the trigger pull is not straight back, but down and back) and I would not have known the range for which it is intended. I bought this gun thinking I would only carry it while in the outdoors, but it has been my daily carry ever since its first outing. It is so easy to carry. I simply put it in a pocket holster, put it in my pants pocket, and go about my day. It just disappears. I never worry about the gun printing, or what I will have to wear to conceal it. Another thing I love about this gun is how easy it is to switch barrels. Simply remove one screw, take out the old barrel, put in the new barrel in, put the screw back in place, and you are done. I will admit that I like to tinker with things so of course I had to try new grips, different barrels, ect, ect, but out of the box there is nothing you need to buy  except a good holster to make this a formidable defense weapon.  If you want an easily concealable, powerful, affordable defense weapon I don’t think the Roughneck can be beat.

- Eric C.

Happy As Can Be!

I purchased my Rowdy in November and I love it.  This is not a kid's firearm just because it's a derringer. It is quality made with quality materials. It packs a punch with both  .45 LC or the .410. Either provides a heckuva pop. This gun is more fun to shoot than any i've had.

-Ron B.

I've finally shot my new Bullpup, and it's fantastic!

As an engineer, I can tell you that it’s truly an engineering marvel.  The quality, craftsmanship, fit, and finish of this firearm are outstanding.

The Bullpup feels great in my hand, feels great while shooting it, it is very easy to rack the slide, has a smooth trigger, a smooth hammer action, and it’s reliable. I’ve shot about 50 rounds so far and it performed flawlessly.  It’s really a joy to shoot this handgun.  It is much more satisfying to shoot than other 9mm semiautomatics that I own, despite the fact that it’s the shortest overall length of any 9mm semiautomatic that I’m aware of!  I’m guessing the design of a rearward loading rounds from magazine into the battery must contribute to the unique balance of the Bullpup

Please share this email with the appropriate BOND ARMS employees.

BTW - I’m retired USAF, have quite a few handguns, but the Bullpup is my new favorite.

Thank you for providing such a remarkable handgun!

-Patrick Martone

Rowdy XL...You have to have one!

I have enjoyed using  a Snakeslayer for several years.  However, I have developed arthritis in my shooting hand making it more difficult to enjoy shooting.  The new grip on the Rowdy XL is amazing . I can shoot the Rowdy XL with no discomfort and love the performance of this weapon. 
It’s great to have a United States manufacturing company like Bond Arms developing  and producing  great products.

-Ray Oglesby

Texas Defender

Just returned from my first trip to the range with my new Texas Defender.  Shooters on either side of me interrupted me to ask about it, everyone wanted to try it out.  Beautiful, hefty, little handgun.  Think "down" when pulling the trigger and the pull is about as light and perfect as you can get with a gun of this type.  Accurate, within 20ft in my experience, and the recoil is quite manageable.

-Steve Ullrich

Great Service

I had just bought a  roughneck 9mm and decided to change the barrel to a 357.  A slight problem came up I could not remove the pin.  I thought it would be an easy fix so I took it to one of my gunsmith friends. Ouch, a bad choice he broke the pin. I called Bond up and told them what happened, they were great.  I was told how to send it in and they would have it fixed in a short time. True to their word they had it back to me in a few short weeks. I would give them 10 stars if I could. I wish more companies had great service like Bond. Thanks again  for all your help.

-Robin Bemis

Replacement Grips for my Roughneck

After purchasing my Roughneck, about six months past. The rubber grip started coming loose from the grip. I contacted Bondarms told him the situation. No questions asked within four days I had my new grips in the mail. These are high-quality guns made in the USA when you call you talk to someone with an American accent. I would highly recommend this gun manufacture to anyone looking for a quality.

-Leon Lyon

Too Much Fun

It should be illegal to have this much fun shooting such a small pistol! I was a little concerned about the recoil, but after the first shot all the concern was gone.  I'm gonna hate to see my ammo bill now! This is a great little pistol.

-Lance P Burton

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