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Roughneck 9mm

Got my Roughneck  9mm about a year ago, and could not be happier. Took it to the range, and my very first shot with it was a bullseye, center mass on a silhouette target at 7 yards. The second shot was about an inch above the first. Put a box of ammo through it and was very pleased with the results. I've put wooden grips on it, and carry it in a  cross draw holster as my back up, with 135gr jhp rounds. Perfect for road trips.
It's a quality firearm, well designed and built. I love the fact it's proudly made in the USA.

-Harold Beach

I Can't Miss

I love this little gun.  This is the only gun I can shoot and never miss a target...I am blind.

-John McAteer

Roughneck and Stinger 9mm

I bought two Bond Arms Derringers last year as their quality and superior craftsmanship make the Derringers they make  better than any other Derringer made in the past or today.  Materials are high grade and being able to switch out barrels with different calibers is fantastic.   You just cannot go wrong with these guns.  And if you need help they actually answer the phone and treat you as a valued customer and NOT a bother.     With different accessories available you can customize the firearm to your needs.    

-Misty Reece

3 Guns

in about 2012 or 2013 i bought the cowboy and snake slayer because i handled both at family owned gun store and noticed the very high quality of each pistol.  the owner sold them to me at their cost since i was buying both.  my wife and son love shooting them as much as i do.  they are great for up close casual shooting and self protection.  all of us hit 2 liter water filled old pop bottles at 15 feet very easy.  i also purchased the roughneck in 357/38 and bought a 3 inch and 3 1/2 inch barrels for them.   also i bought a 45acp barrel in 2 1/2 inch and 357/38 barrel in 3 inch.  they all shoot very well and keep the distance at 15 foot.  these are not camp perry bullseye guns,  they are up close protection guns from predators of all walks of life.  you will not be robbed or attacked from 75 feet away.  they are very safe.  very reliable,  and accurate enough at their intended distances that they are made for.  they are great second personal carry pistols as well for police/military/civilian use.  these are the only pistols i ever owned that work 100 percent of the time.  even if you used simple 6 shot 410 bore 2 1/2 inch shells up close at night to the chin level or belly button lever on a attacker at 6 foot distance im sure they would have desired result of ending attack on you.  i do not show any of mine to anyone because i have learned over the years that relatives and best friends will never stop asking me to sell one of my bond arms to them which i never will.  i will keep all my bond arms pistols and barrels until i pass from this life.  even the snake slayer with hard cast lead semi wad cutters or brenikie solid slugs will go in deep if you need to carry this pistol in extreme remote areas for protection against any form of aggression to you or family.  when we casual target practice or camp remote we always take bond arms pistols with us.  i carry roughneck with 3 inch 410 bore/45lc barrel,  larger size snake slayer grips everyday as my back/up retired pd/ccw everyday carry pistol.  these also save you money from buying extra pistols with different calibers as well.   bond arms is a company that makes guns the shooters want at a price that is possible to purchase.  not like a company that makes guns shooters dont want at a price they cannot afford unless they have a credit card and have to use it to buy their gun.  thank you bond arms and thank you to all bond arms employees for making such quality pistols.  great job!

-William Kennedy


Bond arms products and service dept. are second to none. Thoroughly impressed.

-John Sanquenetti


Happened across the snake slayer and I was mesmerized. I just purchased a descent 45 and I vow my next firearm will be with no doubt the grizzly. Y'all did it right   . My dad if he were alive would say that's a E. L. B. B. M. F . Means Extra Large. Big. Bad. Mother. Well u can figure the last  word. Believe me it's a compliment!

-Sean McMullen

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Two Roughnecks - a .38/.357 for me and a 9mm for my wife.  The perfect backup to her off body carry Beretta 92FX that she keeps in a ballistic backpack for when she’s working downtown at night.  My EDC is a CZ 2075 RAMI and now the Roughneck goes in a Kevin’s wallet holster or in a sticky pocket holster. Built like a tank…and we got a .45LC and .410 barrel for good measure.  Can’t ask for more.  Or better.



I bought the bond arms grizzly I love it it fits and feels great in my hand it shoots my 410 and 45 colts really smooth and I got a 10mm barrel for it and it shoots my 10mm with no problems I recommend getting a bond arms it's the best derringer I own.

-Lawrence Flowers

Super Impressed

I bought the Roughneck in 45acp loved it so much I bought the Roudy just as impressive I'm a huge fan of Bond The pistols are now my primary carry.

-Richard Allen

Great Firearms

Very pleased with the 3 I own.

-Luther Wayne Connally II

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