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Double Barrel Shotgun In Your Pocket!

It was late, I was traveling and I needed fuel. I knew it wasn't the greatest area but it was well lit and there were several people around so stopped to fuel up. The next thing I know there were two unsavory fellows approaching me, they were focused on me. So I got my Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV out of my back pocket and at the ready behind my back. They came to me and demanded money so I presented them with another option (my .410 double barrel shotgun) and they decided to go elsewhere. I didn't have to fire it, just presenting it sent the snakes scurrying away. I really love my Bond Arms Derringer. I really need to get one of the driving holsters. But I have the .410/.45 barrel 4.5", and a 3.5" .44 Special barrel, and am awaiting a .38/.357 barrel.

Bond Ranger II My Go To Gun!

I am a retired law enforcement officer (44 yrs) and I use my Ranger II as my first go to gun! Yes I carry two guns all the time and I depend on my Ranger to eliminate the threat and if it doesn't I will go to my .380 Walther PPK-S. I believe the Ranger will get anyone's attention either with wounds or shock! In my career I have been a law enforcement trainer and armorer for almost every make of gun there is and most officers want something that carries 15rds. The Bond Ranger II in my opinion is the perfect carry gun. Just get past the derringer astigmatism and carry a real self defense tool!

If You Like Your First One...You Will Love Your Second One

I bought the special issue Pike's Pike Model (a Defender, .45LC/.410, 2.5 in with .357/.38 3.0 in second barrel, included). My wife liked it, and said she'd rather have this one instead of her Ruger hammerless .357/.38. I got her the .22LR 3.0 in barrell for practicing and target shooting.

I bought myself a Texas Defender .45LC/.410 3 in and a 9mm 3.5 in and the .22 Magnum 3.0 in. I was smart enough to buy the barrels on sale over the Christmas holidays, in advance of buying my hand cannon. I will be taking advantage of the 50% off barrel deal, and after talking to Daryl, I am considering the .327 barrel.

I picked up a few accessories as well...I love the quality of the Bond product line. Thanks Gordon, for a GREAT AMERICAN PRODUCT!

Happy Convert

Mr. Bond I have had my eye on your weapons for sometime now. I am a firm believer in carrying the firepower you will need in this day and age, but could not convince myself to go with less rounds. Well I purchased your Texas Defender 45 Colt / .410 and after using this small power house with .410 defender rounds it is devastating !! This weapon has fast become my favorite carry for daily use. It is a pleasure to shoot is easy to carry and conceal. Your weapon is extremely well made and is a for a lifetime purchase. I also have your BAD and BATB holsters which compliments this gun perfectly. Also just ordered 3 inch .45 ACP barrel and a slide shell holster. Thank You Mr. Bond for your over the top products.

A Great Ranch Hand

As I have previously teased your incredibly kind and knowledgeable staff, I am mad at you for making what must be one of the handiest trail/defense guns ever. For years, I knew of your quality production but could not wrap my mind around needing one of your derringers. Initially, I purchased a used Cowboy Defender, which I thought to just experiment with and then likely sell. Boy, was I fooling myself! What I discovered is, without a doubt, the lightest and best gun for trail, woods walking, and self preservation (two, four or no legged). I am a cattleman and routinely carried a big bore single action when checking the cows or running the fence line. Vermin, varmints and rank bulls are always a possibility and this gun is the handiest. Now, the Bond Arms gets the nod every time I do just about anything. I don't know how it happened but Cowboy Defender sent word to his siblings and now the Century 2000, Snake Slayer IV, Ranger II, and Backup all live under one roof! Of course, then came extra barrels to boot. Your product is so versatile, I now view it as an invaluable necessity. It is the embodiment of exceptional engineering and quality, yet offered in a relatively light weight package. Recoil is very tolerable. If any readers were like me, wondering aloud "Why do I need one?", I can only respond "Don't be slow to action. Buy one!"
It will serve you well and its durable construction will guarantee a heirloom for your subsequent generations. Thank you for making such an exceptional firearm, one that has proven its value over and over again.

First Patriot Range Time

IMG_5872I purchased the Patriot in 410/45 Colt and just shot it for the first time. The guns recoil being very manageable. I used 250 grain 45 colt ammo, Hornady Critical defense in 410 and Federal Triple 000 Buck which had the most kick but still fine for a defensive load. I look forward to more shooting fun ahead. No issues with the gun at all. I'm happy! I will get a thick oval plate for hanging to practice my draw and shooting accuracy.

My Wife & I Each Own One

My wife got into pistol shooting about 5 years ago. Before that she never shot a handgun. She saw a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV 38/357 caliber and liked the way it felt and how solid made it was so I bought it for her. I liked the gun so much I just recently bought one but in 45/410 which was a knuckle buster for me when shooting defensive loads, so I sold the barrel and bought a 38/357 also which works out nice because our revolvers are the same caliber. Now we enjoy the variety of available loads for that caliber and the derringers not only conceal well they shoot equally as well as our other guns. The fun part is seeing how intimidating this is when other people see us shoot it.

Excellent Made Guns

I have purchased 2 Bond Arms derringers, 38/357 and 45/410 snake slayer. Both derringers fire flawlessly. The 38/357 is truly a pleasure to shoot and surprisingly hardly no recoil. Very accurate at 10 yards with stock barrel, fired American Eagle 158 grain 38 special and some reload bought at a local gun show. 100 rounds and no misfires. This gun is really fun to shoot. The 45 Colt / 410 000 buck is a different story, this is not for the faint of heart. I fired about 20 rounds of 410 000 buck all rounds at 7 to 10 yards, they all hit center of mass destroying the target and my hand. The 45 long colt was not too bad, I fired another 25 rounds and hit center of mass at the same distances. The 45 Colt was equal to about a .357. After completion of range time, the webbing of my hand singled for several hours afterwards, for 2 days my hand was sore. This snake slayer is a mini cannon, impressive none the less. I would highly recommend any Bond Arms derringer, you won't find a finer quality weapon anywhere. Great job to Bond Arms!

The "Funnest"


For me; having six different barrels to choose from at a moments notice opens a whole new way to have shooting fun. These barrels can be changed in about 30 seconds with the supplied Allen wrench. So why not bring all of them to the range? The hard part is carrying all the ammo, ya think?!! I have the .22lr/22 short, .22 magnum, 380 auto, 9 mm, .357/38 and the .45/410 all in various lengths. I use the extended grips on the Snake Slayer IV and the regular length grips on the Texas Defender. The short grip lends itself to the smaller calibers (22, 22mag, 380) while the extended grip is more comfortable with my larger calibers (9mm, 357/38, 45/410).
The trigger(s) took a little getting-use-to. So the next time out, I will remove the trigger guard(s) and see if there is any shooting advantage for me. The different calibers all handle just as I expected, each with it's own size personality.

What's the "funnest"? I'm leaning toward the 45 long colt caliber. Yeah, its loud and kicks. But the more kick, the better, that's just my opinion. The 22 shorts also brought a smile to my face. If you're thinking about joining us Bond Arms derringer owners, don't hesitate. None of them cost too much. Plus, it's possible to change the entire look and versatility in less then a minute.

What A Firearms System!

IMG_0034What A Firearms System!
Well...I now have the Snake Slayer, the Pikes Peak Special, a 45/410 barrel, a 45 Colt barrel, a 45 acp barrel, a 44 Special barrel, and a 357/38 barrel. I also purchased a Faux Ivory Extended Grip and a Silver Star Rosewood Extended Grip, as well as a BATF Holster. And when funds are available I definitely foresee a PR2A in my future with a Backup a possibility also, but after the PT2A! Guess I'm well hooked! I have 26 other hand guns in Semi-Auto, double action revolvers, and several SAs.
I am a retired LEO with 36 years of service, and your firearms are the best made of any! I have been in fire fights in my career as a Deputy Sheriff, and I do not hesitate for a moment to carry any of your finely made firearms as my primary CCW!
Your company's commitment to making quality firearms, and your exemplary customer service is something just not seen in the firearms industry! While I normally don't put decals on my personal vehicle, your Think Twice decal has a place of honor on my rear window! I even thought up a new Sig for my emails due to my favorite barrel: "A 44 and an 88 both make music, though of a different kind."
For those not getting this reference...the 88 refers to a piano!

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