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Simply Great

2016-08-20-07-41-08I'm really impressed with the Ranger II .45/.410.
I carry it everywhere and like a good knife, I love when I use it for its intended purpose.
One day whilst calling coyotes, over a cut hay field, a hard charger came sprinting in. The coyote went down in a heap, after the rifle shot, we kept calling. Thirty minutes later I agreed to go fetch the coyote, leaving all the gear behind I walked the couple hundred yards down range. When I got close, that "dead" coyote stood up. I pulled the Ranger II and with one shot finished that coyote. Hornady critical defense load at five yards...Pow...stoned him.


The title about sums it up!!

I got the Pike's Peak Model. Basically it's a Texas Defender in 45 Colt/ 2.5" .410, with an extra barrel set for 38 Spcl./.357 Magnum. For the life of me, I don't know why I let it sit as long as I did prior to firing it. I just couldn't get my stuff together to go. Tried it first with ,45 Colt and a .410 shot shell. I expected loud, but I got LOUD!!! What an incredible experience. Anticipated the recoil, and fired the second barrel. I was grinning from ear to ear.

My wife (shooting companion) was impressed too. She was speechless.

I wouldn't like to run off a couple of hundred rounds, BUT it is a great load of fun to shoot. The frontal body target was very well peppered after only a few loads. I swapped out the barrels and shot up some 38 special ammo I had taken along to finish out the trial run. This is a high quality firearm that's FUN to shoot. Cant wait to go again!!!

Loving My Snake Slayer IV

20160923_133116I have had the snake slayer IV for 2 days and have 50 410 and 50 45 lc rounds thru it so far.
It kicks less with the 45. I have ordered the 38/357 barrel with the 50% off code.
I simply love this thing. I will take it with me on fishing trips in 410.
Thinking about buying another, even with the barrel change ability I already have. Maybe a backup in 45 auto for every day carry.
I don't see how I would need anything else for responsible carry contact ranges.
Awesome product Bond Arms!

Looking Forward To My NEXT Bond Arms

So I recently got my first Bond Arms pistol: the Texas Defender. I ordered the special Pikes Peak 100th Anniversary edition package which was a phenomenal package.
But now that I have started to learn about the virtues of the .410 shell...I'm thinking I may need to invest in either a 4.25" barrel to keep in my nightstand, or more appropriately, just invest in an additional gun: maybe a snake slayer or ranger or something.

I am a woman with small hands so the grip size is maybe more important in circumference than in length. (e.g. I also own 2 revolvers. One has a hogue grip, the other does not. The revolver without the hogue grip fits my hand so much better and is a joy to hold, to fire. It fits my hand.) So I am looking forward to maybe finding a dealer at the gun show with one of the BA models with the extended grip. If the extended grip is no more bulky than the shorty, that may steer the decision for my next hand cannon purchase. I'm definitely considering the virtues of a bedside hand cannon.

My other big quest is for the ultimate IWB holster/"belly" band to carry my firearm when wearing elastic-waisted clothes.


I bought the Pikes Peak version of the Texas Defender the other day and couldn't wait to get to the range to try it out. It came with a .45/.410 barrel and a .38/.357 barrel and a sticky holster. The holster is a perfect fit for my Wrangler jeans front pocket, completely concealed and an easy draw. I love this gun.

At the range, I had 2 rounds of .410 from a friend and bought a box of 20 .45 Long Colt ammo. I was a bit concerned about shooting all of those rounds because I was sure that my hand wouldn't be usable for several hours afterwards, so I was only planning to shoot the two .410 rounds and a few of the .45 rounds just to get the feel of the gun.

Boy howdy, was I ever wrong! This gun is a dream. The recoil was amazingly almost negligible, considering the caliber of the ammo used. I ended up firing both .410 rounds and the full box of .45 rounds. The two range officers were extremely interested in the gun and had never seen a gun of that size firing such powerful ammo with such manageable recoil. When I offered to let them fire a couple of rounds, they both jumped at the opportunity. They were highly impressed. (I think that you might be getting a couple of orders in the near future.)

This week I plan to go to the range and give the .38/.357 barrel a try. A friend wants to try the gun so much that he offered to provide all the ammo if I let him shoot it. I'm sure that you're going to get an order from him -- he's already said he's going to buy one.

Great Shoot!

I picked up my Texas Defender Pikes Peak special edition. It was exactly what I thought it would be: beautiful, solid, highly concealable, and powerful. I ordered mine with the .45/.410 barrel and also got the .38/.357 magnum barrel. I went to the range with some .45 and .410 ammo and planned to only fire a few rounds because I thought the recoil would be too much to handle. Well, I went through half a dozen .410 shells and a box of 20 .45 rounds. This gun was surprisingly easy to handle. The only after effect was a slight tenderness in the palm between my thumb and forefinger. The range officers were both very curious about my gun since they had never seen one before. They couldn't believe that I was shooting such powerful ammo from such a small gun. When I asked them if they'd like to fire a couple of rounds, they jumped at the offer. They each fired 2 rounds of .45 and were highly impressed. They couldn't believe that the recoil was so light from such a heavy load. I think you might be getting an order or two in the near future.

Several of the guys at my poker club were also impressed with the power and conceal-ability of the gun. At least one of them is planning on ordering one. (I'm thinking that I should be getting some kind of commission. Maybe a BAD Driving Holster? Wish. Wish.)

I have now bought some .38 and .357 ammo and will return to the range to shoot them. As Glen Beck says, "This Is One Fun Gun!"

One Is Good, Two Is Better

My wife saw one of your derringers at a gun show locally here in North Carolina and fell in love with it. A month later she unwrapped her birthday present and it was her Texas Defender in 38/357. She loves it. I carried the brochure around for a while at work and upon leaving my job, the guys gave me a C2k in 410/45LC as a going away present. Absolutely love these little guns, they fit in the pocket on hot days and short in town trips when carrying my 1911 would be a pain. I leave the house more often without my wallet than my Bond now. It's a blast to shoot and has enough heft that if you decided to beat someone with it, there is no problem with that either. They are fun and easy to carry and a blast to shoot. If you are holding back for any reason, stop. Get your checkbook out, you will not be disappointed.

Really Cool Gun!

I was impressed from the first time I saw one of these guns that they were really a quality product. I finally bought one a few weeks ago and I am just as impressed now that I own one. I bought the .357 version and have inspected it from every perspective and find it is a quality product in every way. I took it to the range and was just as impressed with how it fires and loads. I couldn't be happier! I was so happy, I immediately ordered the .45LC/.410 barrel to augment the gun's capabilities. I'm looking forward to the delivery of the new barrel so I can try that out at the range.

A Very Happy Customer


After careful consideration, I chose a Bond Arms Backup as my secondary weapon on duty. As a police officer, you have to be careful what you carry concealed on the job. The weapon has to be small, safe (not likely to fall out or go off when running or fighting), and reliable. I picked Bond Arms for two reasons: first the weapon could be chambered for any pistol round, thus matching the caliber of my duty weapon (9mm Glock 17 Gen4), and second it had a manual safety (so it is less likely to go off in my pocket). I have another derringer, bequeathed to me by my grandmother. I would have carried it but it had no safety, trigger guard, and it was chambered for .22 Magnum.

I got my Backup and was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship. This was no "Saturday Night Special" or pawn shop junk piece. I took it out and put some rounds through it. I was always told (and experienced) that you could not hit "the broadside of a barn" (my grandfather's quote) with a derringer. Not so with this pistol. With the true blade front sight and rear sight, I got as good a sight picture as I would with a revolver. At 7 yards it was dead on. Just what I wanted.

I showed it off to my fellow officers. They are quite impressed and jealous. The fact it uses the same ammo we carry is a great comfort; if my main weapon malfunctions or someone takes my duty pistol from me, I have 34 extra rounds on me for my Bond Arms Backup. It fits nicely in my pocket, and no one notices it. As an added bonus, it come in handy for animal destruction. If I use it (which I have and it dispatched a rabid raccoon nicely) instead of my duty weapon, I don't have to write a report!

On order is a 45/410 barrel for fun. Great, great job Bond Arms! Highly recommended as a backup gun for any officers by a 16 year serving Indiana police sergeant.


Believe it or not, I've not heard much about Bond Arms Derringers, until a fellow Peace Officer & Retiree like myself were at the in-door practice range. He showed and allowed me to try his Texas Defender that he carries for a back-up and for a off-duty carry. Great fire-power in a great compact size. I was so impressed, that 10 minutes later I bought a Texas Defender myself.

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