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Really Cool Gun!

I was impressed from the first time I saw one of these guns that they were really a quality product. I finally bought one a few weeks ago and I am just as impressed now that I own one. I bought the .357 version and have inspected it from every perspective and find it is a quality product in every way. I took it to the range and was just as impressed with how it fires and loads. I couldn't be happier! I was so happy, I immediately ordered the .45LC/.410 barrel to augment the gun's capabilities. I'm looking forward to the delivery of the new barrel so I can try that out at the range.

A Very Happy Customer


After careful consideration, I chose a Bond Arms Backup as my secondary weapon on duty. As a police officer, you have to be careful what you carry concealed on the job. The weapon has to be small, safe (not likely to fall out or go off when running or fighting), and reliable. I picked Bond Arms for two reasons: first the weapon could be chambered for any pistol round, thus matching the caliber of my duty weapon (9mm Glock 17 Gen4), and second it had a manual safety (so it is less likely to go off in my pocket). I have another derringer, bequeathed to me by my grandmother. I would have carried it but it had no safety, trigger guard, and it was chambered for .22 Magnum.

I got my Backup and was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship. This was no "Saturday Night Special" or pawn shop junk piece. I took it out and put some rounds through it. I was always told (and experienced) that you could not hit "the broadside of a barn" (my grandfather's quote) with a derringer. Not so with this pistol. With the true blade front sight and rear sight, I got as good a sight picture as I would with a revolver. At 7 yards it was dead on. Just what I wanted.

I showed it off to my fellow officers. They are quite impressed and jealous. The fact it uses the same ammo we carry is a great comfort; if my main weapon malfunctions or someone takes my duty pistol from me, I have 34 extra rounds on me for my Bond Arms Backup. It fits nicely in my pocket, and no one notices it. As an added bonus, it come in handy for animal destruction. If I use it (which I have and it dispatched a rabid raccoon nicely) instead of my duty weapon, I don't have to write a report!

On order is a 45/410 barrel for fun. Great, great job Bond Arms! Highly recommended as a backup gun for any officers by a 16 year serving Indiana police sergeant.


Believe it or not, I've not heard much about Bond Arms Derringers, until a fellow Peace Officer & Retiree like myself were at the in-door practice range. He showed and allowed me to try his Texas Defender that he carries for a back-up and for a off-duty carry. Great fire-power in a great compact size. I was so impressed, that 10 minutes later I bought a Texas Defender myself.

Snake Slayer IV

I have been in the market for a .45/.410 gun. I researched and researched and luckily the day I went to purchase another brand, the store was out. Fast forward 10 months and I had the opportunity to purchase again. I researched again and this time stumbled onto Bond Arms. I immediately fell for the SSIV 4.25" and bought it a few days later.

It took me a couple weeks before I was able to shoot my new toy. I was as excited as a 8-yr old getting my first baseball glove from Santa. I had anticipated and was ready for the kick from the 3" #4 shot. It was not bad and less than I had expected. The normal handle is a little small for my hand (my ring finger and pinky hang over the bottom) so I am ordering the Jumbo Rosewood Grip.

Shooting a .45 then a 3" 000 buckshot is awesome. I just received my 4.25" 9mm barrel. Cant wait to shoot it as well.

I now have a continuous list of Christmas presents from my family. Thanks Bond Arms....

Pikes Peak Defender

imageReceived my Pikes Peak Defender a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely love it! The craftsmanship is outstanding! Came with 3" barrel in .45 colt/.410 and an extra barrel to boot in .357/.38. Went to the range and fired a few rounds of each, deadly accurate! Also ordered the BAD driving holster that came in today. Wow! Perfect fit and beautifully crafted. Very pleased with Bond Arms. You guys ROCK!! This is my favorite conceal carry now! Looking forward to my next purchase! Thank you so much!

Snake Slayer Test

This weekend a couple of friends and I fired the 410 cal. Snake Slayer for the first time since buying it and we could not believe how user friendly and safe it was. There was a lot less recoil than we had expected probably attributed to the weight and balance. Very impressed and would recommend buying one!

Bond Arms Quality

A number of years ago I purchased a Bond Arms Derringer. I worked with someone as I wanted features that were sort of a mix between models. I was given incredible service. Just one example...the pocket holster had finished leather on the outside and rough leather on the inside. I wanted it reversed as I want the gun to slide out easily when I draw it, but I didn't want the holster to follow. No problem said the gentleman who helped me. I got the .38/.357 barrel. Since then I have purchased 2 more barrels, two caliber belt holsters and a 2nd holster for the gun...and not once was there any issue, and everyone I spoke with was genuinely concerned that I got what I wanted, with no hassle. Superb quality firearm. Superb customer service. What else could one want?

Cowboy Defender

Just got the Cowboy in 45 Colt and 410 and put some ammo down range. The gun was so easy to handle even with this strong kick, gun never got out of control. So much fun to shoot and I put a box of #4 shot through this little gem and was looking for more. Solid and as well made as anything on the market. Up close, as it used for, the bad guy has no chance. Thank you Mr.Bond!

Shot My Snake Slayer

20160716_103905I went to the range a dew days ago to text out my new Snake Slayer. I shot one 45 and one 410. I fell in love. It is so accurate and so easy to handle. I will definitely buy another one day

Deadly Fun

The Bond Derringer is a good looking, solid, well built firearm. The .410 caliber gives the average shooter an advantage in a self defense situation, but with only 2 shots available at a time, it's effectiveness in other critical situation could be limited. It is less bulky than a revolver and far more reliable than a sub-compact semi automatic.
The gun is a bit large to carry in a front pant pocket without giving a feeling of 'being happy to see them' when meeting other people! Maybe loose, over sized trousers would help!
The safety is disengaged with a simple thumb push in to the right. The safety is engaged with a push in to the left and it has a child safe feature where it can be locked on safe with an allen wrench. Bond Arms warns not to dry fire the gun or to try firing with the safety engaged. Attempts to fire with the safety engaged, could over time, damage the safety mechanism. During our first gun range test firing, my wife attempted to fire with the safety engaged several times.
The Bond Arms Derringer is fun to shoot and because I care more about self defense than to take out an active shooter, I will carry my .410/.45LC caliber Patriot along with 4 extra shells whenever I can.

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