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USA Defender- A Gun You Can Depend Upon

I am environmental geologist (that means I study and clean up polluted sites). My work takes me into nasty places like abandon factories, meth labs, distressed urban sites and mobile home parks. The threats range from gang members to charging pit bulls to lunatics. I have been at this kind of work for a very long time. I have been shot at and had armed stand-offs. I have traditionally carried a Colt M1991A 45 in a New York City rig. However, this was not enough. Firing 45 rounds at a charging pit bull is not likely to have a good outcome. Rounds bouncing off the street are likely to hit someone, and the dog is likely to not get hit at all. My 45 is also a large gun to conceal.

I bought a USA Defender and it fills the gap well. In very bad situations, I carry both – the USA Defender with buck shot for pit bulls – and my Colt 45 for the pit bull's owner who likely will come charging in after I drop his dog. More often than not, I carry my USA Defender by its self in a shoulder holster.

Most of all, I like the size and power of the USA Defender. The use of buckshot increases the likelihood of hitting your assailant but not harming others due to the limited range. Its good for both humans and animals. Its size makes it easy to conceal. The sound is more than intimidating.

I call it my “Noisy Cricket”.

A real key advantage of the gun is that it appears to be a weapon of minimal force. So, if you are ever in front of a judge having to defend your use of lethal force, the prosecutor is gonna have a hard time painting you as a bad guy with a 2-shot derringer. It's not what Gang-Bangers carry. Hood Rats also don’t like the double barrel – it's not what they are used to and it unnerves them.

The size is perfect – as its not tiny but its big enough that you can get a good grip on it – and it will be noticed when you draw. I had to go into a particularly nasty trailer park recently in Craig Colorado. As I pulled up, a large male pit bull crossed in front of my car, with balls the sizes of oranges. He stopped, turned and looked at me. It was a territorial glare. I slipped on my holster with my Bond Arms USA Defender loaded with buck shot. I wore that gun on my right hip in the open with the retaining strap off – and the safety off. Turns out, there were a number of pit bulls in the park. Although I didnt have to shoot any, I am sure having my USA Defender at the ready, made me so confident, that the dogs chose not to push it. It was also big enough that the locals noticed it. If a cop would have rolled up on me, it's likely he would not have gone ballistic seeing that I was packing only a Derringer.

I have also found that the TSA is less concerned about Bond Arms guns when they come thru in the luggage. I get far fewer questions etc when I am traveling with my Bond Arms gun than any other type of sidearm

As a geologist who spends a lot of time in rough conditions, I appreciate its durability and tolerance for dirt. Also, single action makes it safer to carry and – being an SA guy…I just love cocking the hammer. I have to confess that I have also fanned it. Not a good idea, but you can do it.

This is an excellent weapon – I depend upon my USA Defender with great confidence. It's a very fine weapon.


It was a long wait, but worth every milisecond once my Ranger II arrived. My wife thought I lost it because I was giggling like a little school girl. I won’t get a chance to try it out until I get to the range this weekend though. When I first saw your line of derringers, they reminded me old westerns, I used to watch and knew I had to get one. This pistol is more than what I’d hoped for as far as construction goes. When you use the word “TANK”, it is obvious right away. This feels so solid and is so flawless with it’s actions, I am truly impressed. Thank you for taking the pride you do in manufacturing one of the best built anything, I’ve ever purchased.

If I Could Only Have One Gun, This Is It

I’ve been wanting a Bond Derringer for years now and decided it was time to order one, Ordered it through my local dealer, it took four months to come due to some lack of communication between my dealer and his distributor, but no big deal. I am very happy to have it and love the quality and workmanship that goes into making such a fine gun, also like the fact that an array of different barrels and grips are available for whatever model one happens to purchase, I personally got the Texas Defender in 45 Coly “ONLY”, and quickly after that bought a set of Texas Star Grips and the BAD Holster in black, overall a really nice combination. Excellent Customer Service is alive and well at Bond as well, had several occasions the communicate with Kelly and Gordon himself, they bend over backwards to make their customers happy. Great job guys, I will be back for more soon.

Ranger 2, The Ultimate Hand Cannon

I had been looking at getting a Ranger 2 for quite a long time. I just purchased one at a local outdoors store. I bought several different loads of .410 shells and one box of 45 long colt cowboy loads to practice with. This pistol has lived up to all my expectations. I will carry it daily here on our Ranch to dispense the varmits I come across and I am looking forward to getting my CWP so I can carry it everywhere I go. Thank y’all so much for producing such a superior firearm!

Accuracy from a Derringer?

Hello Bond Arms. A friend of mine ( Jack Hitt) purchased a Snake Slayer a few years ago and he allowed me to shoot it. I couldn’t believe how manageable the recoil was firing 410 loads. He asked me to go on line and buy him a 357 barrel set for his derringer, and when I received it and took it to him, it went right together as you advertised it would. What made me purchase one was what happened when we fired the Snake Slayer at a target. Aiming to the same spot both shots hit the same hole at around 30 feet! Accuracy with a derringer? I never thought it possible, and the recoil was a joy. I have one of those derringers that copied the old Remington. It is a 38 special and it’s recoil is terribly punishing and after a few shots you are happy to stop shooting it. This Snake Slayer is a Joy to shoot!!! Your design is brutally handsome in looks and function and such a quality firearm, I know you all are proud to be a part of Bond Arms. Thank you for helping keep people safe with your quality products. I will be singing your praises to all who will listen! God Bless Texas!!! - Bob Koesel

Your YouTube Videos Were The Deciding Factor In Buying This Pistol

I like the thought that went into making the pistol and that it’s made of quality materials. Your YouTube Videos were the deciding factor in buying this pistol. When the owner takes the time to make a video and talks about all the features it means a lot to me. Thanks! - Fred

Amazing Quality, Simple Design, Great Styling

Amazing quality, simple Design, great styling, superb ergonomics and kind/courteous customer service! I like most guns. This is one of my favorites. I own more than one, and have multiple barrels. Both my parents own one as well. Thank You.

Very Happy Owners of Two Bond Arms

I wanted to drop note with my registration cards. In response to your question how did you hear about our product? My husband works for Sig Sauer as a gunsmith and he leaves for work rather early in the morning. One morning after he left I could not get back to sleep, so I turned on the television. Scanning the channels, I stop on what appeared to be a mini-info-mercial regarding this American made gun, made in Texas. It turned out to be a program about “truly American made” products featuring Bond Arms as one of the companies. I got to work, went online, to your website and sent it along to my husband at work. From that point on I was hooked. I told him I wanted one. He went in search of one at the several gun shops in our area with no luck. We found a gun show 10/13/13 in Manchester NH where I was able to hold one. On the Christmas list it-goes, Ranger is my choice. I find a gentleman that makes custom grips out of black walnut and he shows it in a custom box. Oh no, now what to do, decisions decisions.

A few weeks before Christmas I tell my husband about the walnut grips and if we find something other than the ranger I would buy grips. Christmas Eve, I open the best gift ever snake slayer and my husband make a lovely decorative box for it. I am over the moon in love with this gun, proudly showing off the best gift ever.

The week after Christmas we are out hunting after holiday bargains, looking at the deals at Kittery Trading Post in Kittery ME: Of course I am in shoes and my husband upstairs in the gun section. He comes down and says did you find anything; yeah I got a great new pair of shoes 25.oo off the regular price. He says well I found something up stairs you need to come see. There in the case is a Ranger, longer barrel than my snake slayer. Of course It comes home with us.

Best Small Gun I Own

I had researched this gun thoroughly before I bought it. It did meet all of my expectations. Very well made. shoots good & I like the ease of changing barrels, I would definetely buy another.

The Only Weapon You Need For A CCW

I have just recently purchased this weapon and I feel no regret in any form. The weapon lives up to its Texas pride without any hesitation, a true example that in the US we make our weapons correctly. As for function the weapon does not disappoint, we are basically dealing with a ”show stopper” weapon and when it is loaded with 410 ammo you get that service in seconds. I have recently retired form the military and I only wish we had something like this in our kits. I would gladly take this weapon into combat with my sniper rifle. As for the weapon itself the Cowboy Defender is perfectly made; from the polish to the handles I have no complaints. In regards to accuracy the weapon does it’s job but remember you will not be engaging targets at 100+ meters this is a area weapon for those ”oh s**t” moments. So to conclude ... I am in love. - Miguel Carretero

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