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Deadly Fun

The Bond Derringer is a good looking, solid, well built firearm. The .410 caliber gives the average shooter an advantage in a self defense situation, but with only 2 shots available at a time, it's effectiveness in other critical situation could be limited. It is less bulky than a revolver and far more reliable than a sub-compact semi automatic.
The gun is a bit large to carry in a front pant pocket without giving a feeling of 'being happy to see them' when meeting other people! Maybe loose, over sized trousers would help!
The safety is disengaged with a simple thumb push in to the right. The safety is engaged with a push in to the left and it has a child safe feature where it can be locked on safe with an allen wrench. Bond Arms warns not to dry fire the gun or to try firing with the safety engaged. Attempts to fire with the safety engaged, could over time, damage the safety mechanism. During our first gun range test firing, my wife attempted to fire with the safety engaged several times.
The Bond Arms Derringer is fun to shoot and because I care more about self defense than to take out an active shooter, I will carry my .410/.45LC caliber Patriot along with 4 extra shells whenever I can.

An Amazing Gun

Texas-DefenderJust got a Texas Defender with 45LC/410 and 45ACP barrels and it is as good as all the reviews I have read. Having shot hand punishing competitors derringers, I am very pleased at how comfortable and accurate it is. I have shot it with Hornady 410 Triple Defense and 45 Colt 185 gr Critical Defense and assorted 45ACP rounds at 5 and 7 yards with excellent results. I have also ordered a 9mm barrel and considering a 357 as well. For storage, the Plano small frame pistol case (142100) fits the 3" barrel like it was made for the gun. For carry I have ordered HolsterPro Model 3 pocket and Ross Leather cross-draw holsters.
I took it to a public range and people literally lined up wanting to see it. Some gun owners one or more guns they want to buried with and my Texas Defender is now on my keep it til I die list. For an accurate, dependable, rock solid and beautiful looking gun every firearm owner should have one of these.

The Snake Slayer IV Is A Modern Day Howdah Pistol


A classic weapon in modern form.
In the 1800s British big game hunters carried a short, double barreled pistol for dealing with attacking big cats and other dangerous animals. They were shotgun pistols that were devastating. You can see on in use in the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" with Michael Douglass & Val Kilmer. Howdahs were basically little cannons that blasted anything you aimed it at...into the next world.

I have carried a USA Defender in my work for a number of years and I love it - but the Snake Slayer is what I now carry when I don’t need to conceal my weapon. As a geologist I spend a lot of time in odd places with unique hazards - pit bulls and drug thugs are the most common. The Snake Slayer IV lets you unleash 3 inch shells loaded with 00 buckshot - at close range in a tight pattern. Its handy in both the bush and the urban jungle.

Just WOW...

After looking at Bond Arms for over a year, I recently purchased a USA Defender chambered in .410/45 LC with a 3" barrel. What a dream, multi purpose handgun.
As a retired military veteran of over twenty years and now a city police officer, I carry almost everywhere I go.
When I'm not in uniform, this is the protector of choice (belly holster, hip holster or simply slid into a pocket. There is a ton of serious business packed into this weapon.
The utility of "shot shell" is endless with this weapon. Inside the distance of thirty feet, this pistol will demand compliance or get it by action. Enough said.

The Tactical Toddler Tryouts


I am the proud owner of both the Snake Slayer IV and the Texas Defender firearms. All together I have 6 different caliber and length barrels, and plan to get more. With the need to carry these Bond Arms barrels to the range without them knocking into each other and getting all scratched up in my gun bag, I decided on this. I'm not sure if I saw this idea somewhere, but I'd like to think it's my idea. Please humor me.

Walmart infants department to the rescue! I bought 4 pair of white toddler socks, sizes 6 to 18 months. Just slip the barrel in and fold the open sock end over itself, see picture(s). It was necessary to mark each one to avoid confusion when swapping the barrels.

Less than 4 slightly dog-eared American dollars...this should do the trick, ya think?


Just Fired My Snake Slayer IV with the 4.25" 45/410 barrel and the 3.0" 45/410 barrel I just received (with coupon for half price, good deal). A well made and stable weapon for self-protection and EXTREMELY FUN TO SHOOT!!! Definitely one of my best firearm buy.

Dependability When You Need It

I have a old testimonial on the Bond Arms website, but thought I’d send this along for your Facebook page. I’ve been carrying my Bond Arms for over a year, I have a selection of handguns to choose from, the Bond is the firearm I choose, it just fits my needs and it can be tailored for your day to day activities. It’s a very practical firearm for rural living. I take protecting my wife and daughters very seriously, living in the woods there are lots of surprises, fox, coywolves, yotes, fishers, bobcats, black bear, raccoons, possums etc. most of those leave us alone, but there are sick ones every now and then and it pays to be prepared. Unfortunately more recently junkies are targeting secluded homes, which makes me a prime target. The versatility and power that the Bond Arms offers is unmatched in this size and class, sure the detractors say only 2 shots, well 2 shots of 250 grain 45 Colt, 125/158 grain 357 mag, or Federal 000 Buck trumps a full magazine of 380acp, and I’ve never had anything stick around after 2 shots, with any firearm practice is important, and out of my selection of handguns the Bonds two big bores are the most intimidating to look at face to face. From varmint to larger predators, or two legged varmint predators, the Bond has you covered, the versatility cannot be beat, and it conceals easier than a revolver.

Thanks Bond Arms! Pete

PS: Everyone that I’ve conversed with at Bond has top notch, Kelly, Joe, Liz, I’m usually bad with names but I remember all of them, great employees and an asset to Bond Arms.

From Mini to Max

I bought myself a new Bond Mini 45 for my birthday. Took advantage of the May sale on barrels and bought a new grip (I’m 6’3 215). I purchased the 4.25″ inch barrel (.45/410) and bought the Extended Blach Ash w/2 Tone Star Grip. I changed everything before I ever shot it the first time. I was shocked at how easy it was to do. When I finished, I took the gun to our backyard and fired it at my target. Once with a double .45 Colt load and a second time with a double .410 load. I have NEVER in all my 60 years of existence experienced such an adrenaline rush before/during and after firing any weapon. You have made the most amazing and most powerful conceal weapon on the planet. It’s beautiful and intricate. I have a carry permit but my current carry weapon, an M11 45, is now going back in my truck and my Bond "Mini-Max" is going in my pocket!

Hooked on Bond Arms

I currently have five Bond Arms derringers. One in each barrel length and one for carry. I love these guns and would recommend them to anyone. They are not as difficult to shoot as one might think and they conceal very easily. Get one, you will not be sorry.

Peace Of Mind

With the present state of affairs in America, my husband urged me to get a gun for personal protection. I admit that I was looking elsewhere than Bond Arms. Mark advised me that most encounters are “up close and personal,” and who better to listen to than an Airborne Ranger combat veteran. He told me to take a look at your derringers. I looked. I was put off at first, only two shots and too small. I then read the testimonials, watched YouTube videos and the factory tour, and I was impressed. Quality and superior craftsmanship from design to finished product. I liked less recoil and greater accuracy that the Ranger II offered, but settled on the USA Defender for better concealment, the BAD driving holster and limited production of only 5,000 units. Finding one still available was an effort. I found one on line but had to wait till the end of the month to buy it. When I was ready it was gone. I searched everywhere and finally found ONE on auction. It was already becoming a collectible. I placed a bid and won it! Of course I had to have the matching Buck knife, which again is well made and beautiful. I then wrote the Bond Arms sales dept. to make sure I got in on the 50% off barrel opportunity; I was surprised when I was emailed by a Bond family member and told to call him directly to order my extra barrel and he would take care of me. I call that excellent customer service. I love the fact that Bond Arms is family run, a business that helps keep America strong. I plan to have a lot of fun with the .327 Fed Mag barrel, but I keep my gun at the ready with my .410 Flechettes. I’m reminded of my husband’s old army jargon: “This is my weapon, this is my gun! This one’s for killing and this one’s for fun!” Thanks, Bond for the peace of mind! - Barbara

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