Accessory Barrels

Bond Arms Accessory Barrels will help you customize your original Bond Arms Hand Cannon, Cyclops, Stinger, or Stinger RS to fit your needs. Ranging from 2.5" - 6" in length, and in over 16 caliber options and 3 different finishes, you have many barrels to choose from to transform your Bond Arms firearms in a matter of seconds. 

So whether you are looking to improve the conceal-ability of your standard Bond Arms firearm, give it a different look or expand the caliber capability of your favorite conceal and carry firearm, you can be sure these Bond Arms accessory barrels will perform with the style and reliability you expect from Bond Arms.

Please note that barrels must match the Bond Arms frame.  Hand Cannon barrels will only fit on our original Hand Cannon frames.  Stinger barrels will only fit to Stinger frames.  Stinger RS barrels will only fit to Stinger RS frame, and Cyclops Barrels will only fit Cyclops frames. 


*Barrel Limitations:

1.  You must order through a dealer for any barrel purchase: Customers in Maryland are restricted to certain barrels for certain Bond Arms Models, but you are responsible for following the laws (click here for Maryland guidelines on which barrels you can purchase).  To find out more, talk to your local dealer.
2.  Because rimfire barrels must be matched to their individual frames, Bond Arms does not manufacture accessory barrels for any handgun in .22LR, .22 Mag, or any other rimfire caliber.  For a detailed explaination, visit our FAQ section HERE. 

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