Bond Arms Inc. is the premier manufacturer of modern derringer style pistols.  Additionally, Bond Arms also manufactures a small semiautomatic pistol dubbed the “Bullpup9”, and will be putting a tactical lever-action into production estimated to release at the end of 2023.

Bond Arms was founded in 1995 by longtime tool and die maker Greg Bond, in Granbury, Texas.



Between the 1860's and the mid 1990's, derringer style pistols had largely gone unchanged in design or safety until Greg Bond added a trigger guard, invented the "rebounding hammer", added retractable firing pins, and also added a crossbolt safety. The company was formerly known as "Texas Arms" out of Waco, Texas. Bond Arms became incorporated in 1995 and was licensed by the BATFE as a firearms manufacturer and dealer.

Greg's brother, Gordon Bond, bought the company from Greg in 2007 and has been owner and president since then.



After its’ founding, Bond Arms quickly became the largest manufacturer of derringers in the firearms industry.

Traditional Bond Arms derringers are modular and made in a variety of centerfire calibers including .22LR, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W.30 Carbine.327 Federal Magnum.44-40 Winchester.44 Special, .45 ACP, .45 LC, .357 Magnum, .38 Special10mm.45 Long Colt /.410 Shotshell, and most recently the 45-70 Gov't. Most models feature a removable trigger guard for a more traditional derringer appearance. Bond Arms also constructs their derringers in such a way that the user can change barrels and switch from one centerfire caliber to another. Grips also allow users to switch between flat compact grips to more comfortable rubber grips and then to an extended grip and to a jumbo grip. 

In late 2014 Bond Arms introduced two California-legal models called the Big Bear and Brown Bear, but they have since ceased all business in California due to Prop 65.

In 2016, Bond Arms acquired the rights to the Boberg XR9-S bullpup semiautomatic pistol, redesigned it and market it as the Bond Arms BullPup 9.[3] The Bullpup 9 is a 7+1, 9mm with a 3 7/20" barrel. Bullpup9 is only available in DAO with an extra magazine included.  Due to its’ complicated manufacturing process, the Bullpup9 has limited availability.

In 2018, Bond Arms introduced the Rough series which are structurally identical to the classical derringer line, but are not as highly polished. These have a much lower cost per unit and are designed to be used in a tougher environment than the original line.

2020 saw the introduction of the Stinger model which is an aluminum frame derringer available in .22LR, 9mm, .380ACP and .38 Special.  The Stinger is only .88" thick and 12oz. Unlike the original “Hand Cannon” models, this new line is not compatible with the accessory barrels, and the trigger guard is molded into the rest of the frame. They are intended for deep concealment. In summer of 2022, Bond Arms released the Stinger RS (Rough Series) which has a stainless steel frame and weighs 16oz.



In January of 2023, Bond Arms unveiled the Cyclops® at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Cyclops® is a single-bore pistol chambered in the massive .45-70 Gov't with future releases in other big-bore calibers like .44 Magnum, and .50 Action Express. Bond Arms designed Cyclops® as a single bore with the intent to keep more weight in the barrel to intentionally dampen recoil.  Additionally, Bond Arms used the newly developed “B6” grips which are 3D printed from high-impact resin and able to withstand the recoil without damage (previous chamberings in .44 Magnum with traditional grips sometimes resulted in shattered grips).  Bond Arms also released the Honey B, Stubby, and the Rowdy XL at the same time.



Also, at the 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Bond Arms unveiled a prototype tactical lever-action rifle which is called the LVRB. LVRB uses a proprietary and patented lever-action in conjunction with a magazine-fed frame matched with an AR-style upper. This concept allows users to have a high-capacity rifle in areas where semiautomatic use and ownership would not be possible. Further, the mechanism of the lever manages to strip full-size rifle cartridges from the magazine and not just shorter pistol ammunition. This gives the LVRB a great advantage versus other tactical lever-action rifles being released by a few other companies. The design was creative enough to be awarded "Best Firearm" at SHOT Show by Recoil magazine. LVRB is scheduled to be available to the U.S. market around the 4th quarter of 2023 or 1st quarter of 2024.

Gordon Bond


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