Fraud Warning

Issue 1:
There have been recent reports that an email appearing to have come from PayPal regarding imminent payments to Bond Arms has been distributed to the general public.  Please know that this email is fraudulent.  Bond Arms does not conduct business with PayPal, nor does Bond Arms sell direct to the public.  Please disregard this email as Bond Arms does not have any connection to it and it is fraudulent.

2 :  It has come to our attention that there are scam/fraudulent websites which pretend to sell Bond Arms products at,, and possibly others Do not make a purchase from those websites!  

There may be more online scams out there as well.  For that reason, please be safe when shopping online, and follow the following rules:

Do not purchase Bond Arms firearms or accessories from an online retailer if;

     a. You are not familiar with the retailer.
     b. The retailer offers to ship firearms direct to your residence instead of a gun dealer.
     c. The retailer only offers payment through services that will not protect against fraudulent transactions (i.e. Zelle, Venmo, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency).

To legally purchase a firearm in the United States, you must go through a legitimate gun dealer and physically have a clean NICS background check run at the time of purchase.

If you suspect that you have found a fraudulent website or want verification that a website selling Bond Arms products is legitimate, please call our customer service department at 817-573-4445 or send an email to before you pay any money on that website. Our customer service team will verify whether a site is legitimate, and we will direct you to a legitimate dealer in your area if it is not.

While Bond Arms makes every attempt report fraudulent sites to the authorities, Bond Arms Inc. cannot be held responsible for online content that is fraudulent in nature, and cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting in engaging in a financial transaction with a fraudulent website.




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