Old Glory

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Old Glory

(4 reviews)

Model #: BAOG
MSRP: $697.00
Caliber .45LC/.410
Barrel Length 3.5"
Grip Material Black Ash
Grip Size Extended
Sights Front blade, fixed rear
Length 5.5"
Height 4.31"
Weight 22 ounces
Ammo Capacity 2
Action Single Action
Trigger Pull Weight 7lb.
Trigger Guard Yes
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Frame Type Hand Cannon

The Bond Arms Old Glory lives up to its American pride with it's American flag cerekoted 3.5" 45/410 barrel and frame. The Old Glory will accept all of our standard interchangeable barrels and comes equipped with our custom extended black ash grips for added comfort.  


  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Automatic spent casing extractor
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever

***Due to natural variations in wood, no two grip panels are exactly alike.  Colors may vary slightly from image.***

Not Available in California or Massachusetts.

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Average Rating:
(based on 4 reviews)

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by Gary M.
on 6/11/2019
from US
Work of Art
Testimonial: I have been a shooter for many decades. I always checked out derringers at the gun shows, but never bought one as something else would always catch my eye. While viewing an internet shopping guide for a local sporting goods store, I came across an ad for your “Old Glory” package. The package had two barrels (.410/45LC & .357/.38), a holster, and an American flag imprinted. I thought it looked pretty cool so I ordered it. All I can say is “WOW”. This is one of the most beautiful handguns I have ever seen that didn’t come out of a custom engravers shop. When the case was opened at the store to show me the contents, the sales clerk actually called some of the other sales people over to admire it. Right now I don’t know if I should take it to the range, or mount it behind glass. It is truly a work of art and I can’t wait for the “Oohs & Aahs” when I take it out of the beautiful drivers holster. I already ordered a 9mm barrel for it. Good work. Thank you for another fine firearm made in the USA. A perfect match for my Henry lever action .410 shotgun.
by Hunter J.
on 2/21/2019
from US
Love On The First Round
I love my Bond Arms Old Glory! I am a Patriot clear through. We live in the greatest country on earth. My new "Bond" is a true piece of art. The first time I fired it was on a range and at seven yards the first shot out of my 45 long colt barrel went four inches to the left and two inches up. Shot number two went bullseye! I was amazed at how accurate such a small gun can be. Thanks for a really great buy!
by David H.
on 2/21/2019
from US
Old Glory
Finally got the chance to shoot my Old Glory. I was really impressed with the accuracy. I was able to consistently hit an 8" plate at 30 yards shooting with 38's. The 410 was shooting 10 inches at 5 paces with #4 shot. I bought the driving holster and the clip on holster. They were a real tight fit. Left the pistol in them for a week and now they are just right. Very nice gun that is easier to carry than my subcompact Springfield XD 9mm. Much more up close destruction power. Doctors can't sew sausage back together. Still, keep my XD close by in the car. Both have their advantages and disadvantages if you should be unfortunate enough to have to use them. Old Glory is a well-built very rugged pistol and very attractive. Highly recommend it!
by Scott J.
on 2/21/2019
from US
Feeling Patriotic With My Old Glory
I love this weapon...my beautiful wife thought I deserved the Bond Arms Old Glory chambered in 45 Colt and 410 with the additional barrel in .38/357 and gave it to me as a Christmas gift! I finally got an opportunity to run out to the range today and see how this gun was going to perform. I loaded it with Hornady Critical Defense 45 Colt 185 gr FTX and shot it from 7 yards at an FBI Q target. It was not what I expected, it was much better! The recoil was much less than I had anticipated and my shot was center mass. I had a huge grin and everyone who saw me shoot was impressed as well. I let my 5' tall 101 lb wife take a turn with the derringer and after she shot with great precision, was also surprised at how much less the recoil was in her small hands. I have replaced my high capacity 9mm and .40 cal pistols with the Bond Arms as my CCW. I also purchased the Old Glory leather driving holster and do like the way it sits on my left side for a nice cross-draw. I am planning on purchasing a couple more barrels in .40 cal and possibly a 22 long rifle? Thanks for a great gun!
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