Texas Defender

  • Texas Defender

Texas Defender

(7 reviews)

Model #: BATD
MSRP: $543.00
Caliber .357Mag/.38Spl, .45LC/.410
Barrel Length 3"
Grip Material Rosewood
Grip Size Standard
Sights Front blade, fixed rear
Length 5"
Height 3.75"
Weight 20 ounces
Ammo Capacity 2
Action Single Action
Trigger Pull Weight 7lb.
Trigger Guard Yes
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Frame Type Hand Cannon

The compact, yet powerful, Texas Defender is a bold statement for a bold State. It’s built with a 3″ barrel chambered for either the .45 Colt/ 2.5” .410 shot shells, or in the .357Mag/.38Spl. (also available in other calibers).


  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Automatic spent casing extractor
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever

***Due to natural variations in wood, no two grip panels are exactly alike.  Colors may vary slightly from image.***

Not Available in California or Massachusetts.

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Gordon Bond Demonstrates the Cowboy and Texas Defenders


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on 1/5/2022
Pocket Skeet Shooter
This is by far one of my favorite handguns, and the craftsmanship also makes it a nice show piece! I have the holster as well.
by Joseph Lowe
on 6/4/2021
from Gilmer, Texas
Best derringer I've ever owned
I'm a retired Marine and LEO here in Texas. I'm also an old man and I'm disabled. I'm sometimes in a wheelchair and sometimes on a walker/cane. So I needed something for self-protection that could be managed with one, had stopping power, and didn't need a lot of extra equipment. Wallah! The Bond Arms Texas Defender. Bought mine at Lindale's Guitars & Guns. It's always in my pocket. I feel very safe and confident with it. I call it the "Don't mess with me" gun. No more worrying about getting in/out of my truck and getting mugged.  Thank you Bond Arms. Oh & of course, it shoots mighty fine! I recommend learning how to set up the hammers so you know which barrel will fire first & make the lower barrel fire first. Trust me on this!
by Steven M.
on 7/9/2019
from US
Great Gun
Took my Bond gun to the range last week,what a fun gun to shoot.I am really impressed with the quality of this firearm.My only regret is that I didn't buy one a long time ago.
by Doug B.
on 2/21/2019
from US
Bond Arms Texas Defender
Doug is my name, but this review is not about me or my opinions it's about a very high quality very safe tool that I will count on if my life is ever in danger. The Texas Defender I have recently purchased fits my hand very well 410/45 colt will do the job with a 3 inch barrel don't be afraid of reaching out beyond your normal personal defense yardage. I've only ran this gun 5, 7 ,9 yards with 410 birdshot and all hits were on paper. Believe me when I tell you I'm not a professional shooter, but the 45 colt is hitting consistently from 30 yards. This is from a three inch barrel, so if anyone is worried about accuracy as I was, you can rest easy with a little practice aiming an over/under can be done. That being said, the craftsmanship of BOND ARMS derringers is just unmatched. This little, very concealable, powerful, and beautiful derringer feels like a hand tank! Yes, you only have two shots at your disposal, but if you do your research most up close defense situations are less than two shots. Besides, I don't think anyone wants to be hit by two defensive 410 shotgun blasts.
by Travis
on 2/21/2019
from US
The Only Gun I Truly Need
Controversy over firearms is at a peak, but even the most ardent anti-gun advocate I know (my 65 year old mother) can be made to understand why my Texas Defender is the only thing I would never part with. It's all the protection I could ever ask for, it's incredibly safe to handle and conceal carry, and even Stevie Wonder could stop a break in or personal assault dead in its tracks from 10 yards with just the first round of .410 PDX defender.
I can live without my AR's. I can even live without my FN Five-seveN. They are just range toys. But my Texas Defender can't be denied as the most reasonable, justifiable, sane all-purpose platform for self-defense in this politically charged era.
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