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Comfortable Carry

So easy to carry you won’t leave at home. If it’s not comfortable you won’t carry it. As far as 2 shots I’m not going in to a gun fight. I want it for protection.

Dream Come True

As a little girl, I was so in love with the small guns the old cowgirls used to carry in their garter. It was the perfect combination, a lady could still look like a lady, but be well protected as well. My boyfriend bought me my first Bond Arms Derringer. It was exactly what I’d always wanted. The concealment a lady needs, without the bulge in her clothing. (He bought me the tactical bra holster as well.) Everyone said someone as small as me couldn’t handle a .45 Derringer, so I posted this picture for all to see!!! Great fun, not too much kick, reliable, safe, and by far my favorite one to carry (no purse necessary).

Bead Blasted

I Love my Bond Arms .357 Mag Cowboy don’t go anywhere without it.

Beautiful Little Gun

I have the Cowboy Defender in .410/45LC, first time I shot it my finger stung a bit then the second shot I had a lower grip on it and when I shot it flipped out of my hand, fortunately it landed in sand. I shot about half a box of .410 shells after my first two shots with much better results. I bought a second barrel in .357mag/38spl with the coupon code but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. There is a bit of a learning curve with these little guns, but that’s half the fun! This is one of my favorite guns, I will never part with it.

Perfect Pocket Power

Just got my Snake Slayer and I’m completely impressed! From the solid feel and the obvious attention to detail by the company (I’m an engineer so I tend to notice mechanical flaws although none to be seen on my Snake Slayer) to the conceal ability of such a powerful firearm (.45LC/.410 GA), I am absolutely satisfied with my derringer. This firearm more than fills the void of a pocket backup gun for driving as well as a primary weapon for night time outdoor quick chores. My wife likes it as well so I’m considering getting her one too. Thank you Texas!


From all that I had researched I knew these guns were built well and looked great but I was concerned about its shootability. I was presently surprised at how well both a cowboy load of 45lc and a 45lc JHP shot. Not only was the recoil very manageable but both shots were rather accurate. I plan to buy additional barrels. I have already picked up a couple accessories.

New Patriot

GREAT, shot 255 gr LC IN TOP AND 00 410 IN BOTTOM. At 20 foot did ok for 71 years old. Pulled shot low and right. But have to hold up right arm with left arm fell down three week ago but right pull is do to new trigger pull. Will have to get 9mm BARREL to figure out new trigger pull. Great gun, well made. If intruder came thru my front door , my first two shots with the new gun would have dropped them.

Excellent Gun

Love the Texas Defender. Fired it for the first time today. I had a problem with a holster I had ordered and Liz in customer service took care of the problem in an excellent, efficient manner. Customer service has been great with this company. - Mike

Hot Pocket

Got try my Bond out. Very positive shooter. Will get the job done. Very easy to carry and conceal. Plenty of choices in calibers to stand your ground with even with medical issues. Glad to own it. Thanks to you all!!!

4.25" 45 colt/410 barrel

First I will say that the delivery time was faster than I expected. I received it in 10 days. To change the barrels was a breeze. I had bought my original Bond Arms with the 3″ 45 long colt barrel. It was an experience to shoot a high caliber round from a small barrel. It’s called a hand cannon for a reason! Buying and firing the 45 colt/410 was even more exciting. From 15′ I fully covered a 3’x2′ target with 2, 2 1/2 inch 6 shot 410 shells. You know that feeling you get, when you get something you really enjoy, and it makes you crack that smile? That is what happened with me! Great product. Great fun.