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Love It!

BOOM! Big Grin! (‘nuf said).

Fun Shoot

Finally had a chance to shoot my new snake slayer. Very cool gun, and more accurate than I expected it to be at 45 foot firing a 45 long colt. Great job.

Great Little Pistol

I was kind of hesitant to purchase this ” little” pistol. Seriously this is a fine piece of quality craftsmanship, Due to the fact I also own a Judge I had some ammo I wanted to get rid of because I didnt like the results in the judge, so after I bought , I got the Texas defender, I went to the range and fired about 40 rounds of different shells and found this Texas defender was fun to shoot and the same as was with the judge I personally got the best results with the 000 buckshot. I am going to very shortly purchase the barrel that will allow mw to fire the 38 special or 357 mag. And I have already recommended this to several friends.

Love The California Backup

Love the gun. Found the trigger is very hard to pull. Probably needs to be shot more, only put a few rounds thru it. Did read instructions and found pulling the trigger from bottom does make it easier.

Excellent Product

As a former toolmaker and gunsmith I can appreciate the quality of Bond Arms. Fit and finish are superb and the action breaks smooth as glass! I also purchased a sticky holster and my bond has quickly become my daily carry piece. It easy to shoot and a lot of fun also. If you’re on the fence about buying one you owe it to yourself to give it serious consideration. You will not be disappointed!

Jeff Pauly

I’ve owned many handguns for many years. For the longest time I stook to revolvers because they are dependable. Since semi-auto’s have gotten better I got a SA MD2 in 9mm and like it alot. However, I don’t live in a place were I could imagine having to use 16+ rounds. So when I had the opportunity I got a Bond Defender. The Drivers holster is one of the best. I don’t like IWB carry and with the driver I can wear and drive with it all day and rarely notice it. I guess if you need more rounds ok, but 2 sure shots (and carry 4 more in a belt slide) works if needed. I love the pistol.

Ranger ll

I love this little gun look forward to many years of great service thank you Bond Arms for such a great product!

Texas Defender – CCFS

I am few in words on making comments and recommendations. But I will truly say that the Texas Defender is an awesome and a great reliable small handgun. Conceal & carry and feel safe (CCFS). I think this says it all. Thank you, Ken.

Had To Get Another One

I’m a person of few words so forgive me if I don’t go on and on regarding the virtues of the Bond Arms line-up. I’ve carried a Texas Defender for many years settling on the .45 acp and the 410 barrels. I’ve got big mits so the only addition, other than a holster was the extended grips. I am lucky enough to live in Georgia and have firing ranges in my backyard. I Teach local “LEO’s” officer survival courses I’ve developed over the years, (USMC, law enforcement, etc.). I shoot several times a week and practice with the “Bond” as the perfect “back-up”. I’ve never had a “FTF” or other malfunction with this derringer. It is truly a five star firearm.

My neighbor, who I have run through several of my courses, couldn’t stand it anymore and asked if he could buy my Bond. At the time Bond had come out with the ‘Back-up” model which I immediately picked up with the same barrel combinations. The trigger improvements over the older units is dramatic. For those of you who might shy away from the .45 due to perceived control problems there is an easy fix. Rather than using a standard target type load packing 230 grams of projectile weight; (weight of projectile = increased recoil) try Liberty Arms .45 ammo. The round weighs 78 grams but the bullet attains speeds (FPS) exceeding 1,500 out of this short barrel. It jumps to 1,900 FPS with over 600 foot pounds of muzzle energy. It literally explodes inside your target/attacker with the felt recoil very mild. For the 410 go with 000 buck. Bond Arms units have no problems with either round that I have been using for over five years. Take it from an old man (72) you won’t find a more dependable or better built firearm than those coming from my friends at Bond Arms; and no, I don’t work for them or the ammo company I mentioned nor do I charge the LEO’s that I teach that are having trouble during re-qualification. Stay Safe folks and once you make the decision to carry, get enough gun to insure that you’ll go home that night!

Bond Arms = Texas Quality

Unlike some guns that I have owned, my Bond Arms cannons go boom every time I pull the trigger. I have a Cowboy Defender and a Mini. Both are fitted with jumbo grips. I have four barrels to choose from. The quality of these guns is as good or better than any brand on the market and the quality of the service provided by this great company is beyond compare. It doesn’t matter which model you buy because all the grips and barrels are interchangeable and they can be configured any way you like.

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