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Attempted Robbery

Buying gas recently I was approached by 2 men demanding money. Thanks Bond arms for changing their minds. NO SHOTS FIRED. COWBOY DEFENDER 45 Colt.

Retro Fitting Of New Trigger System

I just got my Bond Arms derringer back from you last week week week and and I am very pleased with the retro-fit done by Travis. The trigger pull is much lighter and alot more easier to pull than the old version. Also the wider hammer spur gives more purchase for cocking than the old one. All in all, a very good experience, the turnaround time was a little less than I previously thought at first and Travis even called me to make sure of the return address. I have bought two extra barrels, an extra grip, a Buck knife with a matching black ash handle and a holster since I first bought my derringer and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for such a great product and great customer service. You guys rock! - Glenn Bordeaux

A Cross Between A Swiss Watch And A Sherman Tank

I just bought a Bond Ranger. It sounds dumb, but is seems to me to be a cross between a Swiss Watch and a Sherman Tank. I could not be more pleased with fit and finish and sheer strength. Yes I will buy another one for my wife and all the barrels for me. It will be a collection to be proud of. - Rob

Love My Mew Gun

I am female, 5’3, 120lbs and had no problem shooting the Texas defender with 45 LC. The recoil was nothing I couldn’t handle and I must say I have fairly scrawny wrists and hands. It did pack a punch but there was no pain from the recoil. I did change out my grip to the rubber extended one which may have helped. I also followed the tips given by bond arms when shooting. Love my new gun. For all the boys complaining about the recoil. Omg really?? If I can do it you better be able to. - AJ

Sold My Glock 27 And Bought A Bond Arms Snake Slayer

I finally had the opportunity to see your products in person. I must say that it only took 5 seconds and I was hooked. I went home from the gun store, cleaned my Glock 27 with Crimson Trace laser, sold it and bought a Bond Arms Snake Slayer an hour later. I cannot express how pleased I am with the firearms you build at Bond Arms. My wife now wants to sell her Glock 26 and purchase a Texas Defender. You have certainly raised the bar and I will definitely tell everyone I know about your products. God Bless America!!! Thank you!!!

PS. Just got back from the range after taken my Snake Slayer out for our first real date!!! At 15 feet, only “1” pellet missed the mark and even that lone pellet was close. I was surprised at how tight the pattern was being such a short barrel. I am absolutely amazed and completely in love. No way I’ll ever give up this little lady!!! Thank you Gordon and thank you Bond Arms!!! Still smiling, Kevin Scott.

Bullpup 9m For Concealed Carry

This is a terrific firearm for concealed carry. The firearm is exceptionally well-made and machined. The light weight of the firearm, as well as the fact that you get an extra round compared to other small 9 mm firearms, is a real plus. In addition, with the barrel in the bullpup position, you get greater terminal velocity out of the small firearm. The recoil is also reduced greatly by the bullpup design and the rotating barrel is also a great help. The Walnut grips while little fat, fit my hand well and allow me to get a great purchase on the gun. They also mitigate recoil. All in all, this is a terrific firearm for concealed carry. I have had no issues with failure to feed or failure to eject with high quality ammunition. I recommend this firearm highly for concealed carry.


Great trigger pull. Very little recoil. Excellent shoot from the hip presentation. Looks wicked cool too! Love the rich color of the grips.

I Love My BullPup 9

Fired about 100 rounds so far, flawless. Absolutely no problems, found the rosewood grips a bit too slippery and put a Hogue rubber grip over it, and improved handling, hoping Bond comes up with some replacement grips eventually, and replacement parts also. I purchased an IWB holster, fits well and I will carry it.

Just Like They Said It Would Be

The Snake Slayer IV is exactly as good as Gordon Bond says it is. The quality of the materials and workmanship is top drawer. On my first outing I shot a few rounds of .410 2.5in target loads,3in .410 shotshells and .410 3in 000 buckshot. Then changed to a 4.25in 45acp barrel and shot 150 rounds of a mix of 200gr LSWC’s and Hornady 230gr XTP’s. All loads performed well at 7 and 10 yards. With the 45acp the lower barrel shot to point of aim and the upper barrel 3-4 inches higher,quite acceptable for a closer range defense pistol.Recoil of the 3in .410 max loads was the snapiest but tolerable.

Not As Yet!

Mr Bond, I have not yet fired my Snake Slayer IV. Maybe life will permit this soon. I did show it to my son, a 24+ yr special forces veteran on his way back on deployment and he loved it! I can’t wait to try it. The Craftsmanship is awesome. I have a carry permit but do not plan on carrying it very much. I bought it for snakes, it seems like it will be perfect. I’m not sure which is the right .410 shell to buy. I cannot find the CCI ammo here in Savannah. - Alan Y

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