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Not As Yet!

Mr Bond, I have not yet fired my Snake Slayer IV. Maybe life will permit this soon. I did show it to my son, a 24+ yr special forces veteran on his way back on deployment and he loved it! I can’t wait to try it. The Craftsmanship is awesome. I have a carry permit but do not plan on carrying it very much. I bought it for snakes, it seems like it will be perfect. I’m not sure which is the right .410 shell to buy. I cannot find the CCI ammo here in Savannah. - Alan Y

Hand Cannon

Just simply love the derringer. Use it when I am bus hogging to exterminate big field rats or occasional cotton mouths. Mainly use Winchester 3″ 6 shot. I find this works well. The .45 long colts are also fun to shoot, and with a mix of .45 and 3″ buckshot you have a great self defense weapon. I have a .45 cap barrel ordered and can’t wait to try it out. Solid craftsmanship and a beautiful derringer thats a sure keeper.

Snake Slayer

I’ve owned my Snake Slayer for about a year or two now. I’m very happy with the quality and the way it shoots. The fact that I can switch barrels is a plus even though I prefer to keep the .410 barrel on it for personal protection. It’s small enough that I can keep it in my pocket with no problem. The only problem that I do have with it are the sights. The rear sight is to short or squatty and the front sight really needs an orange or green insert in it for contrast to allow for quick sight acquisition. One other thing that would be nice is if a small green laser were available for it.

Bond Guns – A Work of Art

Bond guns are a thing of beauty. They look great and sit nicely in the hand. Purchased a .22mag Cowboy and then added a 9mm barrel. The gun is fun to shoot using either barrel with surprisingly little kick on the 9mm. Accuracy aiming takes a bit of trial and error ... watch the YouTube video for useful tips. A great little carry concealed gun too!

The Gun I Always Wanted!!!

I bought the Bond Mini Girl for three reasons 1)For my wife. 2)I always was intrigued about the derringer. 3)The sales price of $350.00 was impossible to beat. (Acadamy Sports). Well, I got the gun home and my wife loved it. Her hand was a perfect fit. We both appreciated the balance and the precise fit of the barrel to the frame. I took the gun the the range, started out with the 38’s and from seven feet put two holes in the paper a half inch apart. Shot another thirty rounds with roughly the same results. Moved on to the 357’s rounds, a bit stiffer to handle but not to bad. First two holes about 2 inches apart. Went on to shot another 10 rounds. The last two in the same hole. What a weapon to own!!!!! Came home and showed my wife the targets, and she could see by my expression how much I was impressed. The next day I ordered the 45/410 barrel (4.25 in.). I fully expected not to receive the barrel for 4 to 6 weeks as advertised but got within 2 weeks. Needless to say the fit was perfect. Took it the range with a mixture of loads, it handled all of them without beating up my hand. I am afraid that my wife will have to wait awhile until I can save up to buy her another Bond Derringer because this one is mine. She is a great wife and understands my limited needs. Thank goodness! This is now my everyday carry. Keep up the great work and more and more people will benefit because of it. - Sincerely Jeffrey Hendron!

Proud and Surprised

Just received my Snake Slayer and gave it a good looking over. If had to say anything negative on quality, would be because I am a machinist of 30 years. There are sharp edges on the extractor and around the barrel on the chamber end. I know how things like this can happen. If I were making these firearms I would not want this and I don’t think Bond Arms does. This has nothing to do with my being pleased with my purchase of this little gem. I have handguns from 380 caliber to 500 magnum, so I am not recoil sensitive and can be a good judge of recoil. For those who are concerned about how this little derringer is going to recoil, let me put your mind at ease here. My daughter has been looking for a handgun for self defense and wanted something with power. She saw it on the table and pick it up and said, this is it. I had not fired it yet, so I could not tell her a thing about recoil. When she saw what I loaded it with, 2 1/2 in. 410, 000 buck and a 45 colt, her eyes opened wide opened and said no way. She is 42 years old and has never fired a handgun of any kind. I fired it first and fell in love with it then and there. I loaded it for her and she cocked it, at first, said I can’t do it. With a little coaching, she pulled the trigger, another Snake Slayer sold. The Snake Slayer is a quality piece and will perform just like the manufacture states. With use of ammunition designed for the caliber, the firearm performs safe and reliably. I am impressed with the fit and finish and the balance and performance of this derringer. I love the Bonds Arms concept.

If you have been in the market for a back up weapon or for any reason where a small powerful handgun would serve, you will be pleased with a Bond Arms derringer. I can say a bit about having the web of your hand on the cocked hammer, I could not pull the trigger. Keep the hand a bit away form the hammer.

Texas Defender

I like my Derringer very well especially with my new grips on it can I do my Bond Arms Derringer and thank you especially for my Derringer.

Great Company

I have a BA Snake Slayer with the BATB holster. I have 3 barrels ... the 45/410, the 45 Colt, and the 45 acp. This week, my 44 Special barrel should arrive! I have the original Extended Grips, the Silver Star Rosewood Extended Grips, and my Snake Slayer now proudly wears the Imitation Ivory Extended Grips! I have fired this fine weapon often at my range and am pleased with it’s performance! Your firearms are solidly built and flawless in performance and reliability! Your customer service is second to none!

I am a retired LEO and am a walking advertisement for the quality and reliability of your great company and your fine firearms! - David

Fine “Little” Firearm

I’ve fired the weapon with both the 45lc/410 and the 38/357 and I am very happy with both. Sorry I waited so long to get one.

Love It!

BOOM! Big Grin! (‘nuf said).

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