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Simple Confidence

So my wife bought me the Snake Slayer for my birthday in November after hearing about the "Bond Arms" on a radio show. WOW!!! This is my favorite gun I own. I know it will do the job in any situation from hiking, concealed carry/personal protection, etc. the quality and versatility is unmatched. I have shot competition with the military growing up on a .45 1911. BUT I got to say this little gun is great and have nothing but confidence in it due to the obvious quality! I'm without a doubt going to but another one here soon. My wife wants one also. We are "regular" folks, what I mean is I'm not a super gun know it all, and what is great is with a Bond Arm one has confidence in knowing it will work well, is safe (love the safety feature button) and most of all supplies simple confidence to the novice and expert no matter where you fall in that spectrum. THANK YOU!

Perfect Backup

I still tote the orginal series Snake Slayer (with recent hammer spring upgrade) and it is the ideal backup in my field of work which is industrial security. In my line of work over penetration is a major issue and being loaded with triple OO buck removes that concern. I have been packing this model for five years now and after a recent field test; the results are exactly what was expected, take down the bad guy and and NOT over penetrate. Thank you for a great model. Thanks again for a great reliable handgun!

Snake Slayer Is A TV Star!

Snake-SlayerI may be way behind on this, But I just finished binge watching Longmire (Netflix, all seasons). In one episode a weapon used was a Snake Slayer just like mine! They even mentioned it by name. Very cool. (Note: It was used to shoot a bad guy.) Anyway, I carry my Snake Slayer in the Sticky Holster and love the feel of this hand canon.

Heirloom Quality

imageI had a Derringer on my bucket list for a long time. I finally broke down and bought my Snake Slayer 3 1/2" 45/410.
Gun shoots straight and precise and recoil is very manageable with the 410. I immediately took advantage of the half price barrel sale and picked up a 38/357 barrel. This gun is the best derringer I have ever seen and is surely an heirloom I will pass on...after many years of use from myself!!! Keep up the Great Quality work Bond Arms.

My New Snake Slayer

A few weeks ago I purchased a Bond Arms Snake Slayer in .45LC/.410. All I can say is "WOW." I brought it to the range with an assortment of shot shells and .45LC ammo and it fired everything without a hiccup. Totally reliable and totally a blast, pun intended. Thank you Bond Arms for a great product.

Snake Slayer IV

I shoot a lot, but I have never had more fun than shooting this hand cannon. If you're looking for something awesome to use as the ultimate self defense weapon or you want to blow up milk jugs, this is the guy for you. You might be thinking you can't hit anything with a 4.25 inch barrel derringer, but this gun is different. It is very high quality that you can feel and understand when you shoot. The quality of the .410 and the .45 is wonderful, and with just minimal practice, you'll easily hit what you're aiming for. With this weapon you get it all: security, peace of mind, and the most fun you ever had shooting a hand gun.

Short And Sweet

1011162120c2I'll try to keep this "short and sweet". A perfect conversation piece that functions even better. I drag this firearm to the family farm and everyone is eager to shoot it. Couldn't be happier. I've been collecting guns for awhile and this one sticks out from the bunch. I find it hard to put down at times which says a lot. Pick one up and make it your own.

Man! This Is A Pretty Gun!

I finally ordered the Bond Arms Snake Slayer that I have been wanting for quite some time. When I got the call that it had arrived safely at my FFL I hurried over as fast as I could. The second I walked through the door the dealer yelled out "man! This is a pretty gun!" I laughed in agreement as we both stood at the counter looking over the beautiful firearm. It's amazing what American craftsmanship can produce. I have a new favorite gun and it's the Bond Arms Snake Slayer. As for my FFL dealer, I think he will be a Bond Arms customer as well in the very near future. Thank you Gordon Bond and the rest of the crew at Bond Arms for building the nicest guns around. God bless.

Very Satisfied!

IMG_1021I recently bought a Century 2000. I also got the jumbo grip with the rubber sleeve. Words cannot express how satisfied I am with my new gun. The quality, the feel of the grip and the fit of the driving holster which I also purchased. Another barrel is hopefully on its way. This is my favorite firearm I own. Anyone thinking of buying one; stop thinking and just order one, you will not be disappointed!

Hey There Snake Slayer

I just picked up the Snake Slayer 3.5 inch barrel in 45 LC/410 a couple of weeks ago. Fired it that same weekend. I was very impressed at how finely crafted if was and how well the weight of it felt in my hand. I shot a number of both calibers through it and was yet again impressed. It handles well and hardly any recoil. I also found it very accurate and quickly could put a round on target from 40 feet. Love the gun. Thanks Bond Arms!

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