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Love My Roughneck!

Just picked up a roughneck and love it! Sturdy firearm, well made and sweet shooter! I’m hooked. Can’t wait to pick up a Grizzly soon!

-WC Bryant

Awesome Gun

I purchased a 3" barrel Bond Arms Derringer "Rough & Rowdy 410/45LC as it was the only one that Bi-Mart had in stock at the time. I'd read about them and I liked the look and feel of the gun. Unfortunately trying to find ammo was quite the challenge. I was unable to find any 2.5 in 410 or 45LC to shoot in my 3" barrel gun. Believe me when I say it was very frustrating!
Finally the last place I called " The Sportsman's Warehouse",told me of a supplier called "Bucksnortoutfitters.com Which had any & all sorts of ammo & they ship to your house!!! So I ordered some 410 /45LC and looking forward to it's arrival. Prior to finding the ammo I also ordered a 3.5 in barrel because I already had some 3" 410 ammo. I want to mention that the ammo situation has nothing to do with Bond Arms, they are a stellar company and I love their gun(s)!!!!!

-Kerry Pilling

It's what it's cracked up to be.

I've been interested in Bond "derringers" for some time.  WHICH ONE?  That was a hard decision, but I finally settled on a Ranger II.  Longer barrel for greater muzzle energy and to allow 3" .410 shells, still very concealable.  .45LC and .410 combo has greater ammo options.  Ordered my Ranger II.  Got it in less than a week.  It was basically everything I'd read and heard about Bond Arms quality, BUT with one little "gremlin."  Bond Customer Service jumped on it immediately and fixed the "gremlin."  My Bond is perfect in every sense.  A handful with heavy loads, but still a joy to shoot. I'm 75 and know that "gremlins" can happen with any product.  So it gets down to Customer Service and Bond, I found, is absolutely exceptional.  VERY RARE to get such a positive response these days.  I sincerely appreciate the Bond brothers for the products they've developed and for the team that makes it happen.  I'm a proud USA veteran who is proud to own an American-made firearm of the quality that is my Bond Arms Ranger II.  God Bless!

-Larry Holmes

Rowdy 22

Very happy with my Bond arms purchase. I am hoping you will go back to making 22 caliber rounds.

-Don Schuman

Build Quality and durability!!!

On May 11th of 2022 I was involved in a motorcycle accident where car cut me off. I then proceeded to slide across the street about 40 ft what makes this so special is that I actually had my bond cowboy defender in my right front pocket in my jeans instead of my leg getting all chewed up from road rash my leg actually slid on the gun which actually separated me from the street as far as my leg goes the gun did sustain some damage and customer service was super nice and actually sending me new wooden grips free of charge!!
I would like to let somebody like the owner know how impressed I am with their product. I carry this gun every day and since the accident I still carry it everyday it works perfectly!! Thanks again for making a great product!!

-Rob Polidore


A great constructed weapon. Perfect pocket weapon for concealed carry.


Best of the West!!

I bought two Bond Arms Derringers last year as their quality and superior craftsmanship make the Derringers they make  better than any other Derringer made in the past or today.  Materials are high grade and being able to switch out barrels with different calibers is fantastic.   You just cannot go wrong with these guns.  And if you need help they actually answer the phone and treat you as a valued customer and NOT a bother.     With different accessories available you can customize the firearm to your needs.    

-Dr. Dave

Just the thing for every day carry

I bought the 9mm roughneck at Academy I needed something for deep conceal carry. There are times I need something that is easer to carry and conceal than my 1911 and this is great just drop it in your pocket and no one knows that you have it. Great for the discreet carry and backup. Needed to put wood a set of wood grips on it to make it easer to get in and out of the pocket.  Great Product!

-Charles Brannin

Love my 357/38 Roughneck

I love this weapon! Especially, when I am hiking in the mountains of the Great Pacific Northwest. Where I go hiking, the state park rangers encourage all hikers to be on the lookout for cougar and bears. Besides carrying the normal bear spray and being accompany by my four legged best friend (A German Shepard), I feel even safer having my roughneck tuck inside of one of my pockets  (My last option).  However, in these trying times, it is always nice to be able to grab your weapon at a moment notice knowing you have something in your pocket that will protect you -- Hopefully, you won't have to use it but at least it is there -- just in case...

-Sal Chavez

Snake Slayer in Swamps of S.C

I took my snake slayer in the driving holster on a 23 mile paddle trip on the Edisto river. Know what threats we may face i loaded one shot shell (for snakes) and one 45LC for alligator. And had spare shells on me. I never felt under gunned and was a very comfortable setup to paddle a canoe.  The build quality is top notch, i only wish Bond arms made some single action Revolvers, and series 70 1911s.

-Matthew Lampe

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