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Love my 357/38 Roughneck

I love this weapon! Especially, when I am hiking in the mountains of the Great Pacific Northwest. Where I go hiking, the state park rangers encourage all hikers to be on the lookout for cougar and bears. Besides carrying the normal bear spray and being accompany by my four legged best friend (A German Shepard), I feel even safer having my roughneck tuck inside of one of my pockets  (My last option).  However, in these trying times, it is always nice to be able to grab your weapon at a moment notice knowing you have something in your pocket that will protect you -- Hopefully, you won't have to use it but at least it is there -- just in case...

-Sal Chavez

Snake Slayer in Swamps of S.C

I took my snake slayer in the driving holster on a 23 mile paddle trip on the Edisto river. Know what threats we may face i loaded one shot shell (for snakes) and one 45LC for alligator. And had spare shells on me. I never felt under gunned and was a very comfortable setup to paddle a canoe.  The build quality is top notch, i only wish Bond arms made some single action Revolvers, and series 70 1911s.

-Matthew Lampe

Better Than I Thought

I've tried various Brand-X derringers over the years, and none were quality manufactured, and with lousy accuracy.  Bought my first Bond, Rough Neck, 9mm earlier this year, but not serious shooting.  I finally took it to a shoot with witnesses a couple of months ago, and I was really impressed.  So were my witnesses.  I was hitting steel plates at 25 yards consistently.  The only modification was a bit of red paint on the front sights.  I've always had a "thing" for derringers, but this one is a keeper.  I also bought a 410 / .45 colt set of barrels.  Pretty harsh recoil, but load 'em up when in snake country.

-Ron Willis

Hand Cannon

I finally took out my 6" barrel .45/.410 out.  My first rounds were .410 target rounds. I expected  some recoil and it delivered. Then  I put in the .45LC, Wow, Now I know why it is a hand cannon. Love it. I bought aftermarket grips from todd@theukerofoz.com.

-Greg Hoffman

Awesome sauce

Just got the Rough N Rowdy 45lc/ 410 gauge, wow what a great gun. I liked it so much that I went back and got the  Roughneck 9mm for my lady. I was pleased to find out that all mode barrels are interchangeable. And their customer service is top-notch.  The lady I talked to you in customer service was very knowledgeable and very friendly, more companies should take notice of that.


The Quality is Obvious!

I visited Heartland Outdoor in Kansas recently. I’m 68 years old and naturally sway toward different guns, like S&W and Ruger. I’m always on the hunt! I noticed a Bond Arms Texas Defender in 357 Magnum sitting in their handgun cabinet. Sweet little gun! Interesting, but just not on my radar right now. I did, however, look up Bond Arms online when I got home. WOW! I returned to Heartland two days later and took that Texas Defender home with me! I have to say it is one of the finest made handguns I own. The finish is incredible! The way the barrel sounds and feels when it locks in place is also incredible! I did order the “Star-on-Star” extended grip for it. I just need a place for my little finger to rest. Can’t wait to add more calibers for this gun! Thank you, Bond Arms, for a high-quality, easily concealable firearm!


“The Stuff Hits the Fan”

I live in rural Pennsylvania and was first drawn to Bond Arms during the Obama era ammunition droughts. The idea of being stuck somewhere when “The Stuff Hits the Fan” with a handgun and little ammunition was somewhat frightening. The legally carried Bond Arms Snake Slayer in .45 Colt/.410 loaded with Winchester PDX1 and extra barrels in .22 LR, .380 ACP and .327 Federal gave me peace of mind that I could find sufficient ammunition to defend myself. While never being stuck anywhere completely unarmed.

Continuing health issues have made it increasingly difficult to fund “want” purchases. So, I began searching for pre-owned options at local gun shops, as well as online sources. I found the aforementioned on a Gun Broker auction along with the extra barrels.

I’ve since purchased two additional barrels, a .22 WMR and a .357/.38. The second was available at a 50% discount directly from Bond Arms. Since the gun was pre-owned, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this deal still applied. The package is now complete with the addition of a BAD driving holster and a Sticky holster.

Sometime later I requested an extra barrel hinge screw, but due to torn inner and outer packaging, it was lost during USPS transit. I now know this damage was caused by the sharpness of the screw threads, because the replacement envelope arrived in much the same condition. Thankfully, this time the item was still inside. Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the experiences I’ve had with the customer service department. Thank you for manufacturing such outstanding American-Made handguns. The quality is superb.

Best Off Duty Carry & Back Up!!

I'm a retired Peace Officer of the State of Georgia, and when I retired, I wanted something concealable, but with a serious punch to it. I chose your Texas Defender model, with optional removable trigger guard, and buddied this up with a pocket holster. The pair work great together and are a very easy and comfortable conceal. I use a combo load of .410 Critical Defense in the top barrel and .45 LC in the bottom. I've had a lot fellow Peace Officers, both working and retired see me practicing and shooting on the range, and everyone them is always impressed by my Texas Defender, and also with the fact I can swap out barrels & grips, some have also chose to purchase and carry BOND Derringers as well. Thanks for a GREAT product.

The Right Gun For Me

I had never owned a "good gun" other than a 22 cal. Ruger single six made in 1957. My guns are wall hanger shotguns and a collection of black powder cap and ball revolvers which are only replicas of the guns used in the civil war. A few years ago (yes years), I started looking for the right gun for me. Since I'm no "marksman", I felt that I needed a 410 for protection. I had looked at the large bulky revolvers and just couldn't bring myself to get one. I woke up one night in December of 2017 about 2:00 and turned on the TV. I just caught the last part of a Bond Arms commercial and thought this is the gun for me. Before this time, I had never heard of Bond Arms. After spending many hours on the internet and looking at them at a gun store, I knew which gun I wanted. Since this store was in another sate, I had to get another gun shop to order the gun. After 2 weeks, I got my Texan with the 6" 45/410 bbl. A week later, I got my holster from Bond Arms. The 1st time I took it to the range, a man I knew was there with his new 9mm semi auto with the laser sight. When he looked at my derringer, he said it looked like something John Wayne would hang on the wall. I told him with the 410, who needs a laser. The second time I went to the range, another guy asked me what I was going to shoot. When I told him "a derringer", he laughed out loud. After sending some 3" 410s and some 45 long colts down the range and hitting targets at 40 feet away, (remember I have never shot a gun that much) he came over and wanted see my gun. He was very impressed. I was even more impressed and just like this gun so much. Maybe I'm a brand new gun nut, but I just like holding the gun while watching TV. Thanks again Bond Arms. P.S. While talking about some things including my holster, I found the people that I talked to at Bond Arms just great.

Bond Bullpup 9 Is Simply Amazing

I finally took my new Bond Bullpup 9 to the range last week and I have to say that this firearm is fabulous. It will now officially be my carry firearm and replace my Kahr CM9. Flawless performance from this gun and the accuracy is amazing. Standing at 7 yards (I typically shoot at 10) I was able to shoot a 0.5 inch group. Yes, you read that correctly. That was after only after 4 mags of practice to get familiar with the firearm. The accuracy from such a small firearm is amazing. Also, the grips and balance are outstanding. This firearm fits my hand like it was custom made. The palm swells are perfect. This gun is so controllable as well in light of its compact size. The trigger on this gun is beautiful. A seven pound pull on a DAO gun is great and the pull is so smooth.

I think I will be getting another one for my wife as her CCW. It is so easy to rack the slide on the Bullpup (she was unable to do so with the Kahr since the mainspring is very strong, but the Bullpup is a breeze). She was only able to rack on a much bigger firearm like a Glock 17.

I can't say enough good things about the Bullpup. I have about 100 flawless rounds through this weapon and I couldn't be happier. I can't say enough good things about this gun. Nice job Bond.

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