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I Love This Bullpup 9

I fired my Bullpup 9 today for the first time. Not a single jam or other problem. That in spite of limp wristing most of the first dozen rounds. After those first rounds I gripped it more firmly it and it was a pure pleasure to shoot. My firm grip isn’t very strong compared to most people so that further impressed me how well it shoots. I normally can’t shoot more than about 20 rounds through a handgun per range session because of damaged wrists. I was shocked when I realized that I put 92 rounds through it with no pain during or afterwards. I am able to wrack the slide with ease too. The fit of the grip to my hand is very comfortable.
The overall the fit and finish of the both the beautiful grips and the rest of the pistol are fantastic. I thought the grips were one piece because the seam is so difficult to find. The trigger and slide action are both very smooth. When I look at the quantity of the parts and the quality of the machining and fitting I feel that I received exceptional value for every cent I spent.
Thank you for making such a fine pistol. I look forward to shooting this again.

Great Service!

The employees at Bond are some of the best I've ever worked with. When I call there's never a long "On Hold" music, and they are very helpful. I called several months ago wanting to purchasing a 6 inch .410/.45 barrel for my Ranger. I was told that at that time the only way I could buy a 6 inch .410/.45 is to purchase a TEXAN which had that barrel already on it, they weren't available as a barrel only purchase. A week or so ago I received a telephone call from Ryan at Bonds Arms informing me that they were running a special sale for a limited time on the 6 inch .410/.45 barrel and I could buy it with 25% of the price going to the Harvey relief fund. Now that's a company with their hearts in the right spot! I bought the barrel. THANK YOU BOND ARMS!!!

Right Weapon For The Task At Hand

I own a number of weapons and have a unrestricted cancel carry permit. Most easily concealed weapons are not meant to be used for target practice and are recommended for around 10 yds.

My "cowboy" model from Bond Arms, I believe is the perfect conceal carry weapon on the market. Easily concealed, simple and maximum damage delivered. I purchased the pocket holster, driving holster and Ram Horn grips - their beautiful and add a "special" touch to a special weapon.

I was expecting a "mules" kick when I first fired it but it didn't happen. Fired two boxes of #7 410's, several copper disc/003 buck and several .45 rounds with no problem at all. I'm right handed and found that I could easily get off two quick shots by cocking with my left thumb. Using Bond Arms belt ammo holder, reloading was quick an easy.

Bond Arms has a superior weapon and supporting equipment - congratulations and I thank you.

Old Glory Special

I ordered my Old Glory and received it much faster than expected. I'm very pleased with the quality of firearm it is and how simple to change out the barrel. I've shot it already and is an awsome derringer. I love the fact it's made in the USA.

Been Wanting One

Finally broke down and ordered one after arguing with myself for a couple of years. Today I received my Ranger II. I immediately took it to the range and ran several of the .45 Colt 225 JSPs through it. I was pleasantly surprised that they recoil was no where near as fierce as I was expecting. It was really fairly pleasant to shoot. I think loaded with 410 buck it will be an excellent companion both in the vehicle and on my belt for long walks. Thanks for a quality product!

Old Glory

Finally got the chance to shoot my Old Glory. I was really impressed with the accuracy. I was able to consistently hit a 8" plate at 30 yards shooting with 38's. The 410 was shooting 10 inches at 5 paces with #4 shot. I bought the driving holster and the clip on holster. They were a real tight fit. Left the pistol in them for a week and now they are just right. Very nice gun that is easier to carry than my subcompact Springfield XD 9mm. Much more up close destruction power. Doctors can't sew sausage back together. Still keep my XD close by in the car. Both have their advantages and disadvantages if you should be unfortunate enough to have to use them. Old Glory is a well built very rugged pistol and very attractive. Highly reccomend it!

A Bond Girl At Last!

    I was excited to be on the ground floor of the Bond Arms
    Bullpup 9 by pre-ordering one for my husband's birthday and
    one for my own birthday and couldn't wait to try it out!
    Bond Arms delivered AND HOW! I was floored by the impeccable
    craftsmanship of every detail. What a superb little pistol! As a
    sculptor, I appreciate what went into the making of this
    handgun and I feel it is worth every penny to get this in my
    hands. First time I shot it, I was expecting the pull to be
    stiff and mechanical and it was anything but! Definitely as
    smooth as butter! That was the reason I took a bit to start
    shooting as I'm used to my SA Sig P938 Nightmare. The
    Bond Arms Bullpup9 DAO is my pistol of choice from now on!
    Thanks Gordon and company for making this Bullpup a reality!
    Here is my first shoot with my Bond Arms Bullpup9 using
    Winchester Defend 147 grain JHP which shot flawlessly. My husband and I shot about 75 rounds with not even one failure, misfire or jam!

Safe Versatile And Fun

I am a recent convert to Bond Arms. The reason is, I wrongly held the belief that derringers were dangerous and pretty much useless for self-defense. That is until I handled my first Bond Arms derringer. Bond Arms offers a thoroughly customizable and modern take on a historical firearm, while being true to it's aesthetics and by adding safety features that now makes these derringers a viable option for every day defensive carry. Moreover, it's .410 shot-shell capability and ability for the shooter choose from a wide array of different swappable barrels in many different lengths and calibers along with many grip and holster choices, all serve to make Bond Arms derringers a top choice for an EDC. As with all firearms it takes some practice to use a Bond Arms derringer well. But oh what fun it is to practice with a firearm that takes you back to the days of Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp that offers 21st century performance, quality and versatility. If you like to shoot, run to your dealer and pick up a Bond Arms derringer. Make your shooting buddies jealous!!

Proud Bond Gun Owner!!!

I am a very proud owner of the Bond Arms Rustic Ranger, exclusive to Cabelas sports store. I love to take it to the range to try out all my new barrels. Also to show it off. Everyone loves it. You can see and feel the quality in this beautiful gun. Now I have just tried out my new Bond Arms Bullpup. I waited a long time for this gun, but the wait was worth it. The quality can also be seen and felt in this new gun. The best slide action I have ever used. I just shot 200 rounds from this new Bullpup and loved every shot. The double action is soooooo smooth. I worry about my wife trying it. I may have to buy another one. I know the cost was a little more than other firearms, but the quality will be enjoyed many years. I am very proud of these two quality firearms. Thank You Bond Arms!

P.S. Those who complain about the price, have never held this gun in their hand.

My New Favorite Thing

I recently bought my very first Bond Arms product. I have been reading about them for months and finally decided to buy one after watching every video on your website and online. I selected the Ranger II and ordered it and had it sent to my local gun store that does not currently carry Bond Arms Products. When I was fillling out my paper work everyone in the store wanted to look at my new Ranger II. The gun store manager even wanted to shoot it on their gun range.
I am so pleased with the quality of your product and am proud to be the owner of such a fine piece of craftmanship. I can't put it down. And the holster that came with gun is also fantastic. The fit is perfect and just enhances the gun even more. Even though I have a concealed carry permit, I have never found the right gun to carry, until now. It is the Ranger II.
I have been collecting guns for years to pass on to my two boys as a inhertance. I have never wanted to buy two of the same gun to add to the collection until now.
I am trying to decide on my next Bond Arm purchase so each of the boys will have one. What will be my decision, Ranger II, Texan or Patroit. One son is a Border Patrol Agent so I think he should get the Ranger II. My other son is a disabled Army veteran injured in Afganistan. So I am thinking the Patroit should be my next choice.
Everyone that is researching or considering a Bond Arms purchase, do not hesitate in your decision. Pick any one they offer and you will be elated with the quality and design. Thank you Mr. Bond for creating this product and starting a company to build and offer it to the gun buying public.

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