New for 2024 Lever-Action Rifles

Bond Arms LVRB

A couple of years ago, Bond Arms designers started playing with the idea of a rifle. They did it mostly for fun, but decided to bring it to SHOT and see what people thought. The response astounded the group, which headed home and started working in earnest. Then, for 2024, Bond Arms showcased the LVRB at SHOT Show 2024.

Now some might think so what. There are lots of lever guns on the market. For this one, however, Bond uses modern technology to revamp the entire platform. First, this rifle uses AR-15 magazines, which means it can fire up to 30 rounds as fast as a person can work the lever. To make this possible, the company designed a patent-pending cam system to create a short throw lever. Without this system, hands would slam into the magazine when cycling the lever. Other features include an ambidextrous magazine release, an out-of-battery safety, a manual crossbolt safety, a grip safety and a Magpul buttstock. In addition, this rifle comes with an AR-style handguard for attaching lights, laser and optics. And the barrel comes threaded with a cap. Bond hopes to have this rifle available for purchase sometime this summer.

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Bond Arms LVRB


Bond-Arms-LVRB-lever-action-gun-Gunbroker-SHOT-show-2024Gordon displaying the Bond Arms LVRB at SHOT Show 2024

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