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PUBLISHED: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 -

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Bond Arms Stinger

Kat Ainsworth takes a deep dive into the newest line from Bond Arms!

PUBLISHED: Thursday, August 12, 2021 -

What happens when your handgun goes "...bang...sort of?"  When something didn't quite sound, or feel, right? If you hear a lighter-than-normal "bang," and/or feel lighter-than-normal recoil, it's possible that a "squib load" may have entered your ammo supply.

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -

The Bond Arms Bullpup started out life as the Boberg XR9. TTAG reviewed Boberg’s ballistic bauble back in 2012. We were not impressed. The author’s jam-o-matic experience would soon be shared by Boberg customers. While the design was interesting, the XR9 wasn’t ready for prime time. Enter Gordon Bond . . . Read the full article […]

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 -

Bond Arms Backup Review – originally posted by Major Pandemic on MajorPandemic.com Many of Bond Arms’ law enforcement community were asking for a very compact backup Bond Arms Double barrel handgun in .45 ACP as a last ditch backup gun which packed enough punch to actually stop an attacker. The were also asking for something […]


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