Let’s make one thing clear: there’s nothing wrong with buying guns for want over need. That said, the majority of firearms on the market fill a defined purpose: huntinghome defensecompetition, etc. They’re built with a singular main use in mind, and everything else is gravy. 

Then there are the niche market oddities, the modern throwbacks, those without category. Do we need them to survive, protect, harvest, and win competitions? Not so much. 

But do we want them? Oh yeah. 


A traditional big-bore rifle chambering in a single-shot handgun may sound crazy enough, but make that hand cannon a pint-sized derringer, and the insanity is real. But, so is the want level. 

Texas-based Bond Arms has a reputation for building the most hardcore stainless-steel derringers on the market, yet the one-shot Cyclops is setting its own path. This tank fits in the palm of your hand with its 4.25-inch barrel and overall length of only 6.75 inches. With only one shot – of a round longer than the rifled barrel, we might add – the Cyclops is not realistic for carry nor legal for hunting.

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Yet, it’s the biggest boomer and head-turner on the range, a plausible backup gun, and an all-around unique piece that’s surprisingly more controllable than one would expect, once you get over the fear of a one-punch knockout. Plus, we simply cannot resist that creative unibrow and Cyclops face engraving around the muzzle.

.45-70 Government pocket piece? Yes, please.