The derringer design possibly represents the ultimate backup gun, and few manufacturers have found as much success from modernizing the design as Bond Arms. Intrigued by Bond Arms’ two-shot, large-caliber designs like the new .45 ACP

Backup model, author B. Gil Horman investigated how the time-tested design fits into the modern marketplace for the 2014 POCKET PISTOLS.
“Company founder Greg Bond set out to convert the famous Remington Model 95 over/under single-action (SA) derringer from an antiquated anachronism into a modern defensive handgun. The double barrel and frame were beefed up and redesigned to safely fire modern large-caliber handgun rounds,” says Horman in his review. “Almost 20 years later, the Bond Arms double-barrel pistols are continuing to grow in popularity because of their reliability, modular caliber-conversion barrels and other innovative new offerings.”

Interchangeable barrels for cartridge conversion have become a hallmark of Bond Arms’ pistols. This feature is most recently reflected in the new Backup model, which features conversions for .45 ACP and 9mm ammo, with .40 soon to follow.

Bonds-Arms-Backup-Derringer-45-acp-right“At 0.98 inches wide, 4.5 inches long and 3.75 inches high, the Backup is the definition of a pocket-sized pistol. The Backup’s semi-auto-cartridge-chambered barrels are 2 inches long,” notes Horman. “In place of an extractor for rimmed cartridges, the semi-auto barrels feature a notch cut into the left side of the chambers so that spent cartridges can be thumbed out. With an unloaded weight of 19 to 20 ounces (depending on the barrel caliber) it’s not the lightest pocket rocket available, but most are not chambered for large-caliber ammunition.”
Aside from the Backup, B. Gil Horman also discusses similar pocket-friendly pistol designs from Bond Arms, including the Ranger, the Snake Slayer, the Texas Defender, the Cowboy Defender, and the Girl Mini.

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