The Stinger Fireball has been announced a few times over the past year with advancements in the design. Recently, the .22 Magnum has hit its stride and found its place in the legacy list of Bond Arms.

The Stinger Fireball in .22 Magnum features all the same inherent designs as its cousins. While no difference in dimensions or overall function, the new Stinger “Fireball” hits heavy with a super-lightweight anodized 7075 aluminum Stinger frame. Finished in black, the two tone design stands out among the others in Bond’s lineup.

This 7075 receiver retains the ability to be compatible with other Bond Arms barrels (Not compatible with original hand cannon, Cyclops®, or Stinger RS barrels). While an unconventional self-defense caliber, it’s just shy of the force power of a standard, non +P 9mm. The softer shooting caliber is well compensated with the lighter weight of the aluminum frame.

Like many new offerings, a low-profile break action lever sits on the left hand side and assists with ease of draw while keeping the positioning and function exactly the same. The whole pistol is fitted with a B6 resin extended grip for superior felt recoil reduction and complete grip.

Weighing 14.4 oz, this is one of the lightest derringers from Bond Arms. A 3-inch barrel is standard and an overall length of 5.5-inches makes it concealable, comfortable and easy to fire. It still houses two rounds in the chamber with its single action hammer and 7 lb. trigger pull.

For more information on the Bond Arms Stinger “Fireball” (MSRP $389), visit

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