Bullpup 9

  • Bullpup 9

Bullpup 9

(16 reviews)

Model #: BullPup 9MM
MSRP: $1,099.00
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 3.35"
Grip Material Rosewood
Grip Size Standard
Sights Dovetail drift-adjustable non-illuminated 3-dot
Length 5.1"
Weight 17.5 ounces
Ammo Capacity 7+1
Action Double-action only
Trigger Pull Weight 6.5 lbs
Trigger Guard Yes

The Bond BullPup9 Is Here! Very limited production, only 150 per month available, and they are going fast! Get Yours Now!

This is an ultra-compact 9mm. The new BullPup9 is the only Bullpup Style handgun on the market.  


  • Signature Bond Arms Engraved Rosewood Grips
  • 2 Magazines


Not Available in California or Massachusetts.

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BullPup 9 Basics
BullPup 9 Ammo Basics
BullPup 9 Shooting

Approved Ammo:


  • Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr. FlexLock
  • Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr. FTX
  • Barnes Tac-XPD 115 gr.+P TAC-XPD
  • Federal Low Recoil 135 gr. Hydra-Shok JHP
  • Sig Sauer 124 gr. V-Crown JHP
  • Sig Sauer 147 gr. V-Crown JHP
  • Federal 124 gr. Hydra-Shok JHP
    Speer Gold Dot 115 gr. GDHP
  • Federal HST 124 gr. HST
    Black Hills Ammunition 115 gr. Tac- XP +P
  • Sig Sauer 124 gr. JHP
  • G2 RIP 92 gr. HP
  • G2 Telos 92 gr. HP +P
  • Hornady American Gunner
    115 gr. XTP  1160 FPS Avg.
  • Hornady American Gunner
    124 gr. +P XTP  1100 FPS Avg.
  • Hornady Critical Defense Lite
    110 gr. FTX  1140 FPS Avg.
  • Hornady Critical Duty
    135 gr. +P Flexlock  1060 FPS Avg.
  • Hornady Custom
    147 gr. XTP  928 FPS Avg.
  • Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown
    115 gr. JHP  1186 FPS Avg.
  • Armscor
    124 gr. JHP  1066 FPS Avg.
  • Black Hills Ammunition
    124 gr. JHP  1097 FPS Avg.
  • Fiocchi
    147 gr. XTP  910 FPS Avg.
  • Fiocchi
    124 gr. JHP  1138 FPS Avg.
  • Federal Premium Ammunition
    147 gr. Hydra-Shok  929 FPS Avg.
  • Federal Premium Ammunition
    150 gr. HST Micro  881 FPS Avg.
  • Winchester PDX1 Defender
    147 gr. Bonded JHP  928 FPS Avg.
  • Team Never Quit
    100 gr. Frangible HP  1208 FPS Avg.
  • Hevi-DUTY by Hevi Shot
    100 gr. Frangible HP  1106 FPS Avg.
  • Remington
    115 gr. HTP JHP  1033 FPS Avg.
  • Remington
    115gr. +P HTP JHP  1166 FPS Avg.
  • Remington
    147 gr. HTP JHP  900 FPS Avg.
  • Remington
    124 gr. Golden Saber JHP  1052 FPS Avg.
  • Magtech First Defense Guardian Gold
    115 gr. +P JHP
  • NOVX 65 gr. 9mm Luger +P 1800 FPS
  • Monarch Brass 115 gr. FMJ
  • American Eagle 115 gr. FMJ
  • American Eagle 124 gr. FMJ
  • American Eagle 147 gr. FMJ
  • American Eagle Syntech 115 gr. TSJ
  • Federal RTP 115 gr. FMJ (Range Target Practice)
  • Fiocchi 115 gr. FMJ
  • Winchester 124 gr. NATO FMJ
  • Winchester SXZ 115gr. FMJ
  • Winchester SuperClean 90 gr. Zinc FMJ
  • Aguila 115 gr. FMJ
  • Aguila 124 gr. FMJ
  • Aguila 147 gr. FMJ FP
  • Browning 115 gr. FMJ
  • Sellier & Bellot 115 gr. FMJ
  • Winchester White Box 115 gr. FMJ (TOP CHOICE)
  • Winchester White Box 124 gr. FMJ
  • PMC Bronze 115 gr. FMJ
  • Speer Lawman 124 gr. TMJ
  • Herters Brass Case 115 gr. FMJ
  • MaxxTech 115 gr. FMJ
  • Remington UMC 115 gr. FMJ
  • Remington UMC Mega Pack 115 gr. FMJ
  • Remington Range Bucket 115 gr. FMJ
  • Remington UMC Leadless 124 gr. FNEB


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by Geoff
on 3/6/2021
from Tennessee
New pistol revie
Just bought this and ran through about 150 rounds. Fun pistol with no issues using Winchester White box.   Need to practice to get tight groups but can hit spinners at 15 yards. Beautiful pistol!
by Paul
on 11/14/2020
from Northeast, USA
Too cool not to get
Look at it. It is too cool not to get one.  It’s the gun that every 00x should carry.  I’ve pocket carried mine for 6 months.  I did switch the very nice wood grips with the plastic to get a little bit slimmer carry.  Some guns you buy two or more — one to carry, one to collect, one to mod, etc.  This one falls in that class that includes HK PSP, Sig P232, RM380, K6s, and others.   Bond Arms took a cool collectible  Boberg gun and turned it into a great option for CCW.  
by Dwayne S.
on 2/11/2020
from USA
What a Great pistol!
I purchased my new Bond Bullpup 6 months ago.   In 1200 rounds I’ve found it to be incredibly reliable, quite accurate, and very easy to carry  (pocket carry in “sticky” holster). Highly recommend to anyone looking for a CCW.
by Ryker A.
on 4/3/2019
from US
This handgun is a delight to shoot.
Overall this is the smallest magazine fed 9mm ever while having a longer barrel than all ultra-compact 9mms and even most 380s.
Length:5.10" Height:4.2" Width:0.96" Barrel:3.35" Capacity:7+1 if you want to compare for yourself.
I lost track of rounds fired after 1000 rounds with zero issues and most of the ammo was not on the "approved" ammo list.
The most important quality of ammo in this weapon is good crimping because the action jerks the casing rearward before raising it and shoving it into the chamber. This jerking action can pull the casing right off of the round if it is not crimped well and dump the powder into the magazine. Since most ammo is crimped well, I've found that the list of poorly crimped ammo is more useful.
The sealed breach, delayed blowback, rotating barrel design causes the rounds to travel at similar velocity to 4 - 4.5" barrels, but you still have the rifling of only 3.35" barrel so take note that some heavier rounds may tumble more often. I've found the sweet spot to be 124gr ammo in mine with zero tumbling.
The "kick" is very mild because of the rotating barrel and the very low bore.
The cycling action is very easy so both my wife and 12 yr old had no issues racking the slide.
Bond Arms is known for excessive quality and it shows.
Also, I replaced the very pretty rosewood grip with "cheap" plastic grips because they are thinner for better CCW and I actually like the feel of them better too (probably because the rosewood is too smooth for my large hands).
I also included a total of 5 magazines in my purchase and have emptied all 5 consecutively (mentioned because many lubrications in the old Boberg would gum up, this one absolutely does not)
by Doug W.
on 2/21/2019
from US
If you drive a Porsche with an upgraded chipset, you must be willing to feed your auto a higher grade fuel as recommended by the manufacturer. Although the Bond Bullpup9 doesn't afford increased horsepower, torque or driving characteristics, you still glean a great satisfaction of owning this small 9mm. The ergonomics are welcome to my medium sized hand. Firing from the Bullpup9 firmly pushes the rounded, rosewood grips against the fleshy part of my palm in a platonic embrace. It just feels right! It conceals well as a pocket gun or inside the waist carry. There does exist a list of recommended ammunition to feed this beast to keep it happy. It won't ping and falter like a Porsche on a junk-food diet, but feeding a round of less than optimally crimped casing may just cause a separation of the bullet from the shell. This hasn't happened to me personally. As of this writing, Bond has included no less than 30 different "approved" self-defense types of ammo and nearly as many for range ammo. If you appreciate a run-of-the-mill, very reliable car, buy a Subaru. If you dare to step outside the box toward this beautifully crafted, anodized aircraft aluminum frame paired with a bead blasted stainless steel slide, you won't be disappointed.
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