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Bond Arms “Old Glory”
The Smallest, Most Powerful Personal Protection Handgun You Can Carry



Notes From Our Customers:

Amazing Quality, simple Design, great styling, superb ergonomics and kind/courteous customer service! I like most guns. This is one of my favorites. I own more than one, and have multiple barrels. Both my parents own one as well. Thank You”  -Jim

I have just recently purchased this weapon and I feel no regret in any form. The weapon lives up to its Texas pride without any hesitation, a true example that in the US we make our weapons correctly. As for function the weapon does not disappoint, we are basically dealing with a ”show stopper” weapon and when it is loaded with 410 ammo you get that service in seconds. I have recently retired form the military and I only wish we had something like this in our kits. I would gladly take this weapon into combat with my sniper rifle. As for the weapon itself the Cowboy Defender is perfectly made; from the polish to the handles I have no complaints. In regards to accuracy the weapon does it’s job but remember you will not be engaging targets at 100+ meters this is a area weapon for those ”oh s**t” moments. So to conclude….I am in love.”  -Miguel C.

I have a BA Snake Slayer with the BATB holster. I have 3 barrels..the 45/410, the 45 Colt, and the 45 acp. This week, my 44 Special barrel should arrive! I have the original Extended Grips, the Silver Star Rosewood Extended Grips, and my Snake Slayer now proudly wears the Imitation Ivory Extended Grips! I have fired this fine weapon often at my range and am pleased with it’s performance! Your firearms are solidly built and flawless in performance and reliability! Your customer service is second to none!
Iam a retired LEO and am a walking advertisement for the quality and reliability of your great company and your fine firearms! ” -David

Finally got the chance to shoot my Old Glory. I was really impressed with the accuracy. I was able to consistently hit a 8″ plate at 30 yards shooting with 38’s. The 410 was shooting 10 inches at 5 paces with #4 shot. I bought the driving holster and the clip on holster. They were a real tight fit. Left the pistol in them for a week and now they are just right. Very nice gun that is easier to carry than my subcompact Springfield XD 9mm. Much more up close destruction power. Doctors can’t sew sausage back together. Still keep my XD close by in the car. Both have their advantages and disadvantages if you should be unfortunate enough to have to use them. Old Glory is a well built very rugged pistol and very attractive. Highly reccomend it! ” -David

Not available in all areas including: MA, Chicago, Detroit, New York City or Washington D.C. and all models may not be available in CA, MD, NY or NJ.
Firearm availability subject to change based on state/municipality regulations.

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