Wicked Package

Wicked Package

(5 reviews)

MSRP: $870.00

*Limited Edition! - Special Serialized Gun Package*

The Bond Arms Wicked is a very special edition gun that you can get for a limited time! In honor of our gun being the FIRST TWO SHOT of the movie John Wick 3, we put together a special package that includes a 9mm Bond Arms with a 4.25" barrel just like the one that John Wick shot in the movie, plus an extra 4.25" 45/410 barrel.


  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Automatic spent casing extractor
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever

Not Available in California or Massachusetts.

Caliber 9mm Barrel Length 4.25" Grip Material Rubber Grip Size Standard Sights Front blade, fixed rear Length 6.25" Weight 30 ounces Trigger Guard Yes


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by FLM
on 9/17/2020
from Illinois
Exceptional Weapon
Test fired Wicked package.  As background, I am a 68-year-old retired Army officer; small-medium hands, some nerve damage, tingling, and numbness in the last three fingers on the left hand (I'm right-handed.)  Had been concerned that the small weight of the weapon combined with caliber size could be a problem and in some reviews that BAs have tough hammer cocking and trigger pulls.

After the first two rounds with 9mm barrels, all concerns vanished.  Recoil more of a hard push than a sting, I believe primarily because the grip is so rounded, and not bad.  Cocking hammer not difficult; by the sixth-round figured out how to roll the trigger finger down and to the rear to fire.  At 10 feet; all six rounds were in area 4" tall by 1"  wide as the top barrel shoots low; the bottom barrel is spot on.  At 20' all six rounds hit area 5" tall by 2" wide.

Next switched to .45LC and got the same pattern at 10 feet as I had with 9mm at 20.  The range does not allow shotgun rounds.  Overall, the weapon is exceptional and exceeded every expectation!!!
by Scott Pergolski
on 9/6/2020
from Merrill, WI
I have number 463, and it is one quality firearm.  I have a driving holster, and you can go pretty much anywhere with it and nobody has a clue you have it on you.
by John
on 11/28/2019
from US
Special in All ways.
Purchased one of these and am definitely happy. This is top notch quality and a very safe firearm. First time gun owners will feel safe and comfortable with this one, made in America!! Serial #943. Only so many of this package were made.
by Rod
on 6/22/2019
from US
Wickedly Nice
Ordered mine 16 days after they came out (almost missed out). But my dealer was able to find one #109. Great lookin gun. If it shoots as nice as my Century 2000, I'll be wickedly good to go.
by Stephen T.
on 6/21/2019
from US
John Wick
Got mine last week. It is a fantastic hand gun! They are giving the numbers out as they get the orders, hurry to get yours. My vin# number is JW0027!!!!
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