Cyclops® 45-70

  • Cyclops® 45-70

Cyclops® 45-70

(3 reviews)

MSRP: $699.00
Caliber .45-70 Gov't
Barrel Length 4.25"
Grip Material B6 Resin
Grip Size Extended
Sights Fixed
Length 6.75"
Height 4.37"
Weight 28oz.
Ammo Capacity 1
Action Single Action
Trigger Pull Weight 7lb.
Trigger Guard Yes
Frame Type Cyclops
You've asked for it for years, and now Bond Arms delivers!

Introducing the all new Cyclops® series!

These beasts have been released in the legendary .45-70 Government with additional options like .44 Magnum (now available) and .50AE in the future.

Part of our Rough Series, the Cylcops® features a 4.25" stainless steel barrel that is bored out as a single-shot to add weight and comfort.

In addition, the Cyclops® also features our brand new, proprietary B6 grips which fill the hand properly and lend to a pleasant shooting experience.

The Cyclops® 45-70 Gov't. is now available, so tell your favorite gun dealer that you want to see the new monster!


*Cyclops® is not interchangeable with barrels made for the original Hand Cannon, Stinger, or Stinger RS frames.

Available Online at these Fine Retailers/Dealers
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by Ryan Shackleton
on 10/24/2023
Wouldn't call it "fun", but it's fun!
Couldn't resist any longer, local shop finally had one and now they don't, because I do. Recoil is substantial for sure, definitely not for new shooters, but at least with conservative loads it's not the untamable monster you'd expect. 

The design does a great job keeping muzzle flip to a minimum,  do NOT forget ear protection.😂
by James M
on 10/14/2023
from Americus, GA
Pocket Power
I waited 9 months to get this powerful pocket pistol.  I shot some Federal Hammerdown 300 grain.  Fun to shoot.  My 45-70 Cyclops is in my carry rotation. I carry my Cyclops with 4 extra rounds in a pouch. 
by Jarod M.
on 6/17/2023
from Oregon
What an awesome gun. So much fun to shoot and is very balanced with the grip so you don’t loose control. It was very easy to hold on to and didn’t kick nearly as much as I feared.
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Q: Can I put a Cyclops barrel on my other Bond Arms pistols?

A: No. Because the Cyclops is single-shot, another frame meant for a double-barrel will not work.

Q: Can I put one of my other barrels on a Cyclops frame?

A: No. The Cyclop's hammer does not alternate between two barrels like all of the other frames. Therefore, it will not work with barrels from other models.

Q: Will I be able to fire other calibers out of my Cyclops, or just what it comes with?

A: You will be able to fire any Cyclops barrel from a Cyclops frame. For example, if you own a 45-70 Cyclops, you will be able to switch over to a Cyclops barrel chambered in 44 Magnum, 454 Casull, or any other caliber in which we chamber the Cyclops.

Q: How bad is the kick on the 45-70?

A: That is entirely dependent on the ammunition you use. In our experience, 45-70 ammunition with velocities under 1500 FPS are entirely manageable. However, there is 45-70 ammunition specifically made for rifles in excess of 1800, 2000, and even 2300 FPS. We do not recommend using that ammunition in the Bond Arms Cyclops.


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