Smooth Lined Driving Holster

Smooth Lined Driving Holster

Price: $114.00
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*Holsters can take 1-2 weeks processing time before they are shipped unless on backorder.*

This is our Cross Draw Driving Holster for any firearms that have a non-polished finish. Made out of premium leather with smooth calf lining for an easier draw with our cerakote and painted models.

These holsters are meant to be used with the non-standard (non-polished) finished firearms. If you have a standard polished firearm a Standard Lined Holster will work best.


Can I Use Oil On My Bond Arms Leather Holsters?
Yes, you can use oil on your holster, however, you can only use vegetable oil.  If you use any other oil for your holster you will damage your holster and our warranty will not cover any damages to your holster from using the improper oil.


Style Double Barrel
Color Black
Orientation Right Hand, Left Hand
Barrel Length 3", 3.5", 4.25"
Attachment Style Belt Loop
Material Smooth Lined
Wear Style Cross Draw